Collections optimization

Optimize collections and debt management strategies to contact the right customer at the right time through the right channel and with the right treatment.

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Optimizing your collection strategy and performance

Experian’s collection management software and advanced analytics can help you create a customer-focused, personalized strategy to maximize recovery rates and automate your processes. By leveraging our robust data sources, you can gain a more comprehensive customer view and obtain further insight into credit, as well as their behavioral and contact channel preferences.

Optimized collections decisions maximize outcomes by analyzing the impact of numerous scenarios and business constraints. The more you understand your customers, the better collection outcomes you can produce for them and their business. Thus, minimizing risk and preserving valuable relationships.

With deeper insight, you can more accurately predict default and propensity to pay, determine the best next action and prioritize your collections activities with confidence.

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End-to-end debt management

Whether you’re allocating accounts to the right outside collections agency, enhancing your self-cure strategy, improving dialer and channel decisions, or assigning the optimal treatment to each account, let us help you predict debtor behaviors, control staffing levels and optimize your revenue.

Reduce costs

By knowing more about your debtors, you can recover dollars more effectively and efficiently. Thus, lowering operational costs and increasing your overall collection revenue.

Improve relationships

Contact the right customer at the right time through the right channel. Having further insight into your customers’ payment behaviors and preferences allows you to individualize and enhance the collections experience.

Remain compliant

Faced with mounting collections regulatory pressures, our optimization services ensure that your debt management strategies are fair and compliant with regulations and policies.

Getting in front of the shift to omnichannel collections

Collections should be viewed as an omnichannel opportunity that can result in better collections rates and a real opportunity to improve long-term customer loyalty. A lack of investment in collections can leave you grappling with technology and processes that are severely outdated and leave little room for customization or optimization.

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