Auto Collections

Improve your auto collection rates and maximize your recovery dollars.

To collect on a delinquent account, you need the most comprehensive and easy-to-access information possible to locate the debtor. That is why Experian Automotive's collection tools provide the credit and locator information you need to maximize your recovery dollars. Designed with input from Experian Automotive's auto collection professionals you can now more efficiently identify, prioritize and act on derogatory accounts

Key Features and Benefits

Tailor your collection efforts

Tailor your collection efforts by type of debt, from a single, low-cost source

Identify debtors

Identify debtors with the highest recovery potential possible and locate skips more efficiently

Optimize your auto collection system

Optimize your auto collection system with a management tool that provides 24-7 access to Experian's credit-based scoring models and vast consumer databases

Track mailings, eliminate waste and reduce costs

Track mailings, eliminate waste and reduce costs by managing collection operation more efficiently

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