Credit decisioning software

Turn data into relevant and confident credit decisions

Power your decisioning strategies with superior risk assessment

Credit-based decisions remain a painfully slow, manual process for many organizations and their customers. Old business processes and outdated technology often prevent companies — such as banks, telecommunications carriers and healthcare organizations — from making accurate, timely credit decisions.

Our credit decisioning software and technology are designed to deliver fast, reliable insights to help expedite credit decisions. Our credit decisioning tools and products help you drive revenue by increasing the precision and agility of your customer decisioning processes. By streamlining the customer onboarding process, you can better position your organization to grow sales, reduce costs and improve overall customer satisfaction.

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Robust credit decisioning software

A holistic decisioning process is at the heart of our platform. Convert data, business intelligence and analytics into meaningful actions with strategies that help you confidently acquire customers and make sound pricing determinations when it comes to optimal interest rates, fees, service plans or payment terms.

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Effective resource management

Increase the speed and efficiency of customer acquisition and other critical business processes. Our automated credit decisioning tools help you lower manual review costs and increase operational efficiencies, so you can focus your resources where they’re needed most. 

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Flexible solutions for every business

Gain greater value from data and decisioning products. Whether you’re prospecting, acquiring new customers, managing your existing portfolio or collecting on delinquent accounts, we offer a variety of deployment options and customizable solutions, so you only pay for the functionality you need. 


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