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Increase the precision, speed and agility of your decision-management processes with our decisioning software

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Automate your processes

Use our decisioning software to fully automate the credit risk-based decisioning process. Our data-driven platforms are fast, reliable and streamlined — to create better experiences for you and your customers. By deploying better decisioning systems, you can automate and optimize key customer decisions, such as customer acquisition, cross-sell, credit approval, fraud management, collections and more.

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Drive growth and efficiencies

Apply automated decision policies in real time or in bulk for your entire portfolio of customers to increase operational and resource efficiency. With our integrated workflow processing and a rules-based decisioning engine, you can manage your resources more efficiently and lower your customer acquisition costs.

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Unlock the full potential of decisioning software

Our decision management consultants and experts possess the knowledge and insights to unlock the value of your customer relationships. Consult with our team for customized data solutions and maximize the value of your analytics and decisioning software.

Transform your decisioning strategy

Empower your organization with flexible, scalable decision management software, robust data sources and predictive analytics. Make optimal lending decisions that power portfolio growth while mitigating risk.

Flexible integration

Leverage a component-based decisioning platform to power decisions across the customer lifecycle or where you need it most.

Seamless implementation

Seamlessly implement our decisioning software into your existing systems with minimal IT costs.

Dynamic decisioning

Test new strategies against your current decision models or perform what-if simulations on historical data.


When it comes to decision engines, your output is only as good as your input, which makes starting with industry-leading datasets critical. We pull data from multiple sources — both internal and external — into your decisioning models, provide access to an unlimited number of scores and attributes, including real-time access to credit bureau data, and can integrate third-party data sources into your decisioning engine.

Automation of decisioning processes allows organizations to remain agile and make faster, more informed credit decisions. This helps organizations respond to market and regulatory changes in a timely manner and deploy new decisioning strategies. When it comes to customer acquisitions, automated processes with decisioning software can help deliver critical, instant decisions while a customer is at the point of sale.

Experian’s decisioning platform has applications across a broad cross section of industries and business processes. Essentially, any decision throughout the customer lifecycle can be improved with the use of decisioning engine software, including prospecting, prescreen, customer customer acquisition and underwriting decisions, fraud determinations, customer management, credit line management, initial pricing determinations, and collections management.


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