Broaden and deepen consumer relationships at the point of contact

Instant Prescreen is an online, real-time prescreen program that enables credit grantors to instantly pre-approve the customer for credit products at the point-of-sale. Instant Prescreen offers the ability to make the back-end approval process part of every consumer interaction – whether it’s on the lender’s website, during an inbound/outbound call, or while face-to-face with the customer in a branch or retail setting. Instant Prescreen provides lenders with the ability to make a firm offer of credit while the consumer is engaged and most likely to respond “yes.” 

Instantly prescreen consumers for new credit and cross-sell offers

Instant preapproval

Simply enter the consumer’s identifying information into PowerCurve® or Ascend Marketing® decisioning platforms. If the prospect meets your criteria, the system will respond with “yes” and you can make your preapproved offers of credit instantly, at the point of contact. 

Highly configurable

Select from many models and attributes, including our highly predictive Premier Attributes™, to make credit decisions and determine appropriate product offerings. 

Point-of-contact engagement

Perform the preapproval process in seconds, while the customer is on your website, on the phone with you or at your business. 

Increase new loan and cross-sell opportunities with Instant Prescreen

Learn how flexible access to data, attributes and scores help you make better mission-critical credit decisions.

Instantly screen for acquisition and cross-sell

With a wide range of implementation options, Instant Prescreen fits your budget as well as decisioning requirements.


Score only instant prescreen

This lightweight product allows credit grantors to select from industry-standard risk scores and predefined criteria. 


Ascend Marketing®

Provide real-time prescreen offers at scale with our self-service tool, Ascend Marketing®. 





Preapproval at the speed of now

  • Rapidly present a preapproved credit offer while face-to-face with the consumer, raising your overall take rate 
  • Expand your portfolio customer base by increasing the quantity of products per customer 
  • Increase the offer acceptance rate while lowering the cost per account booked  
  • Seamless integration already built and ready to deploy with little to no coding required  
  • Fully automated solution ensures that all qualified customers will receive offers 

Increase opportunities with Instant Prescreen

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