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106 million consumers are unscoreable, invisible or subprime1. Imagine working hard every day but not being able to buy a home, purchase a car or get a loan to open your dream business because you’re excluded from the credit economy due to a limited credit history. By working together, we can help turn the tide and empower communities of color and rural white Americans increase their financial future by closing the wealth gap.

Our focus is to help your organization create better outcomes for underserved consumers and small businesses by unlocking barriers to financial well-being.

Uncover growth opportunities

Understand marginalized markets containing the largest opportunities for inclusion, including measurement tools.

Leverage expanded data sources

Gain a deeper view of underbanked consumers and small business owners through additional FCRA-regulated data sources.

Empower marginalized communities

Use financial inclusion solutions to educate vulnerable populations, offering tools and support they need along their credit journey.

How we can help

We’re deeply committed to helping organizations forge new pathways to financial well-being for consumers and small businesses by providing financial inclusion solutions. We understand that you have goals and make significant investments to increase access and offer financial resources for those in need.

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Supporting credit unions, CDFIs and MDIs

Partner with mission-driven lenders who are committed to empowering underserved populations.

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Financial inclusion tools

We’re a trusted partner supporting your growth and diversity, equity and inclusion strategies across the spectrum.

Financial inclusion is a journey

Let’s implement a strategy suited to meet your specific needs and goals.



Our commitment to community

Wil Lewis, Experian’s Global Chief Diversity and Talent Acquisition Officer, shares our vision for Inclusion Forward™.

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Financial inclusion insights

Proud to be an inclusive workplace

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Driving financial inclusion to bring about change

Through Inclusion Forward™, we’re here to help your business grow. To start a conversation about how we can support your financial inclusion goals, please fill out the form below.

We are unable to address personal credit report and/or membership inquiries via this business form. Visit or call 888-397-3742 for consumer assistance.

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