Increase the precision, speed and agility of your decision-making processes

Automatically determine optimal business decisions with a real-time decisioning system powered by data and predictive analytics

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Decisioning Solutions

Experian decisioning solutions lead to more profitable, lasting customer relationships. Our decisioning tools leverage data and predictive analytics, giving businesses the ability to make the right customer decisions consistently.

Prospecting decisions, underwriting decisions, collection management decisions and countless other business decisions can be automated and optimized for maximum performance.

Better decision-making also means lower costs and risk. The automation of key business decisions eliminates the need for manual processes, thereby decreasing operational costs. At the same time, decision models based on predictive scoring, advanced logic and multiple data attributes are capable of superior risk assessment, which reduces organizational risk.

Superior Decisioning Power …

Powerful Decisioning Engine

  • Deliver real-time, instant decisions while customers are at the point of sale
  • Test and deploy new decision strategies faster, so you can respond to market changes rapidly
  • Seamlessly integrate Experian’s decisioning power into your existing systems with minimal IT costs

Unparalleled Data Access

  • Pull data from multiple sources (both internal and external) into your decision engine
  • Access an unlimited number of scores and attributes, including real-time credit bureau data
  • Process high volumes of transactions, with support and availability 24 hours a day

Dynamic Decision Management

  • Improve business process efficiencies with continuous-loop deployment of new decision strategies
  • Test new strategies against current decision models or perform what-if simulations on historical data
  • Calculate numerous predictive attributes and custom scoring models then incorporate them into your decision model

Make Your Business More Agile

In addition to increasing profitability and lowering costs, our decisioning solutions offer greater operational flexibility and market agility. We accomplish this by giving business users the power to manage decision strategies quickly and easily, usually with no IT involvement. This allows companies to modify business processes rapidly in response to internal or external changes.

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