Businesses increasingly are relying on decision management technology to help them make business decisions. The advent of Big Data and predictive analytics is making it possible for companies to improve and automate the process of making critical customer decisions. However, deploying this technology remains a challenge because most decision management tools are complex, inflexible and difficult for business users to configure.

PowerCurve® is a breakthrough decision management platform that tackles these challenges by combining flexibility, agility and ease of use with a powerful decisioning engine. It allows you to bring together data, business intelligence and analytics to make smarter customer decisions.

Easy to configure with minimal IT involvement

PowerCurve puts the power to easily design and deploy sophisticated decision strategies in the hands of business users. This means less reliance on IT, which decreases the time and effort required to test or implement new business strategies. Your business users gain the ability to rapidly create and manage business rules on their own, making your organization more responsive to changing market conditions.

Maximum access to data

decisioning system is only as good as the data it relies on. PowerCurve lets you utilize all available data so you can maximize the intelligence your decisioning engine employs to process decisions. Pull in data from both internal and external sources, including credit data and third-party data.

A wide variety of applications

PowerCurve can be used to address a variety of business decisions. Price a new loan, test a new customer retention strategy, or cross-sell a new product. PowerCurve works for all your customer interactions, including customer acquisition, fraud management and debt recovery. These are just a few of the many types of customer decisions PowerCurve can help you automate.

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