Credit-based decisions remain a painfully slow, manual process for many organizations. Old business processes and outdated technology often prevent companies such as banks, telecommunications carriers and healthcare organizations from making accurate, timely credit decisions.

Experian® makes credit decisioning software and technology designed to deliver fast, reliable business decisions. Our credit decisioning tools and products help you drive revenue by increasing the precision and agility of your customer decisioning processes.

Issue credit decisions at the point of sale

Slow, unreliable customer decision processes can be costly. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers have come to expect an immediate response on everything from loan approvals to credit-limit increases and account openings. When consumers are at the point of sale, organizations must be ready and able to process requests promptly — or risk losing revenue to competitors.

Experian’s Decisioning as a ServiceSM addresses this need by bringing real-time credit decisioning capabilities to the point of sale. This allows you to increase the speed and efficiency of customer acquisition and other critical business processes.

Improve initial pricing determinations

Initial pricing decisions are a key driver of approval rates and profit. Companies can not only generate higher revenue, but also reduce delinquencies and attrition by assigning the optimal interest rate, fees, service plans or payment terms at the time of origination. PowerCurve® is a robust decisioning platform from Experian that allows companies to make sound pricing determinations with speed and accuracy.

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