Automotive Decisioning Software

In the highly competitive automotive industry, the ability to make fast credit decisions can be the difference between closing and losing a deal. Auto finance lenders are under pressure to deliver immediate, accurate decisions — before customers take their business elsewhere.

PowerCurve® OnDemand is a decisioning system from Experian that helps you drive revenue by delivering fast, reliable automotive loan origination decisions.

Issue decisions while customers are at the point of sale

Increasing the speed and accuracy of credit decisions makes auto lenders and auto retailers more competitive. By automating complex underwriting processes, you can issue instant decisions while customers are at the point of sale. In addition, as business continues to move online, where customers can submit credit applications themselves via Web portals, automotive lenders benefit further from the ability to make decisions in real time, while the customer waits.

Reduce delinquencies and credit losses

Improved speed isn't the only benefit of automating your origination process. With PowerCurve OnDemand® automotive decisioning software, you can also increase the precision of your lending decisions. In other words, a system that can calculate multiple financial ratios and custom scorecard characteristics based on a multitude of data sources and advanced predictive analytics can deliver a higher return on investment, at a lower risk, than a manual underwriting process.

Numerous applications

PowerCurve OnDemand is more than an approve/decline decision tool. It can be used to improve a wide variety of customer decisions relevant to your business, throughout your Customer Life Cycle. These include pricing determinations, prescreen decisions, retention offers, fraud determinations and delinquency treatments.


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