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While traditional attributes provide valuable insight into a consumer’s behavior at a given point in time, trended attributes analyze a consumer’s behavior patterns over time. These time-series attributes unlock valuable information hidden within the credit report, such as, is their debt and spending increasing, have their credit lines been reduced, have they historically been a transactor but have now started revolving balances?

Trended 3D is our newest trended attribute set.  With over 2000 attributes, Trended 3D summarizes the 24-month history of five key fields found in a credit report: balance, credit limit or original loan amount, scheduled payment amount, actual payment amount and last payment date. These new insights can help you understand not only what a consumer looks like now, but also how they got there.

Reveal patterns

Get a more accurate view of consumer behavior by measuring the rate of change over time.

Gain depth

Uncover insights with new data points, synthesized from 24 months of history of key credit report fields.

Prioritize activity

Improve predictive performance of custom models by understanding the trajectory of consumer behavior.

Uncover consumer behavior patterns to better manage portfolio risk.

See how Trended 3D attributes can empower these insights.

Trended 3D can help:

  • Identify financially stressed consumer with early-warning indicators
  • Reduce losses and enhance decisioning with greater insights into consumer behavior
  • Deliver the best treatment at the right time based on a customer's specific situation or behavior
  • Identify changes in consumer behavior to determine how your organization will respond
  • Prepare for volatility in application and account activity volumes
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