Transform complex data into actionable insights

Premier AttributesSM aggregates credit data at the most granular and meaningful levels to provide clear insights into consumer credit behavior. With more than 2,100 attributes across 51 industries, Premier Attributes can be used to develop highly predictive custom models and design more effective segmentation strategies. 

Leverage the insights of Premier Attributes

Greater decisioning power

Our attributes are effective in segmentation, as overlay to scores and in policy rules definitions. 

Development continuum

New attributes are developed to align with current regulations and industry trends.   

Attribute governance

Rigorous and comprehensive protocols are in place to ensure continued integrity. 



Optimize your resources to maximize profitability

Premier Attributes allows you to outsource your credit attribute development and management functions with confidence. 


Make sense of consumer credit data for enhanced decisioning

Learn how Premier Attributes can provide more predictive power to your models

Deeper insights for better decisioning

From attribute development to governance, we offer attribute solutions that can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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Intellectual property license for credit attributes

Get a head start on your analytics projects and custom model development with an intellectual property license for credit attributes. With an intellectual property license for credit attributes, you can unlock the logic behind some of the most advanced and comprehensive credit attributes in the industry along with our decades of expertise in attribute development. We offer flexible, tiered intellectual property license options for our Premier AttributesSM and Trended 3D attributes, so you can access the select attributes you need — when and how you need them.

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Credit Attributes Tracker™

Track credit attribute performance and stability over time for better risk management. Credit Attributes Tracker™ is a comprehensive attribute governance solution for organizations using our Premier Attributes and Trended 3D attributes. It enables you to understand changes in attribute performance and consumer credit behavior; evaluate new attributes for decisioning across all stages of the product lifecycle; prepare governance and compliance documentation for regulators; and gain insights into economic, data, and bureau updates that impact attribute performance and your decisioning strategies.

Premier Attributes can help you:

  • Pinpoint specific consumer behavior more easily. 
  • Save time and resources by leveraging predefined attributes that cover a variety of industries and analytical use cases.   
  • Drive more informed decisions in prospecting and targeting, account acquisitions, customer management strategies, and collections initiatives and priorities.  
  • Make consistent decisions across all your lending products by using our advanced attributes.  
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