Develop custom attributes and models in a fraction of the time

Attribute development is a challenging and time-consuming process that requires access to vast amounts of credit data and extensive analytics expertise. Our industry-leading intellectual property can give you a head start on your analytics projects and model development, with full and partial intellectual property licenses available for Premier Attributes℠ and Trended 3D™.

Enhance your decisioning with more predictive models

Accelerated development

Design custom analytics quickly and efficiently without maintaining an attribute library. 


Code attributes anywhere — on your system or a third-party vendor system. 

Attribute governance

Understand attribute value shifts, data reporting changes and economic trends. 

Stay ahead of dynamic market conditions

Leverage our intellectual property to quickly respond to evolving business needs

With an intellectual property license you’ll receive:

  • Attribute and filter specifications  
  • Quarterly attribute governance reports 
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Expert auditing support  
  • Access to one newly developed attribute set or special release in the contract year 
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