Over 70 Charts and Data Sets

  • Loan originations
  • Outstanding loans
  • Performance metrics
  • Historic timeline of the past 12 quarters


8 Consumer Credit Portfolios 

Personal Loan
Retail Card
Student Loan


Data Provided in MS Excel 

  • Visual charts plotting the flow of credit activity over time
  • All metrics and data points provided in MS Excel format for additional analysis

Available Products

The Market Intelligence Brief Q4 2017
Our latest consumer credit trend report including charts and data for Auto, Bankcard, Mortgage, HELOC, HELoan, Personal Loan, Retail Card and Student Loan portfolios
Auto Market Intelligence Brief Q4 2017
Key credit trends on the fastest growing and most diversified consumer portfolio segment
Bankcard Market Intelligence Brief Q4 2017
Gain insights into the growing credit card market and how well consumers are managing revolving debt
HELoan Market Intelligence Brief Q4 2017
Identify growing opportunities and payment behavior in the HELoan real estate, secondary market
HELOC Market Intelligence Brief Q4 2017
Review the upward trend and risk levels of the HELOC market as real estate begins its recovery
Mortgage Market Intelligence Brief Q4 2017
Originations, outstanding loans and delinquency measures on the consumer credit market’s largest portfolio
Personal Loan Market Intelligence Brief Q4 2017
Understand the unique characteristics and trends of the Personal Loan market as the consumer lending focus grows
Retail Market Intelligence Brief Q4 2017
Retail and Private Label card data and reports that deliver insights to key metrics and differences from traditional credit cards
Student Loan Market Intelligence Brief Q4 2017
Keep tabs on this growing consumer portfolio with data and trends tracking ongoing debt levels and consumers’ payment performance

For us, it's all about creating long-term value for you

Identify which portfolios are best positioned for growth

Compare year-over-year results to gauge portfolio health

Measure the impact different consumer segments have on each portfolio

Analyze delinquency trends and payment behavior to alleviate risk

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