Identity Verification

Identify and authenticate users across the customer life cycle.

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Layered identity verification and risk segmentation solutions

Execute and improve:

Monitoring and segmentation

Frictionless customer experience

Pace with fraud emerging threats

Identity and fraud dynamics are increasing the pace of change at astonishing rates due to aspects such as: consumer demand, technology advances, and increases in identity theft and account compromise.

Businesses need to understand and weigh fraud risks with the need to meet consumer expectations for fast, fricitionless experiences. According to our 2020 Global Identity and Fraud Report:

  • 88% of consumers say their perception of a business is improved when a business invests in the customer experience, namely security
  • 95% of businesses are confident they can identify their customers, yet — 55% of consumers don't feel recognized

Passwords, PIN codes and security questions remain the authentication methods most widely used by businesses, followed by document verification, physical biometrics and CAPTCHA. Experian identity verification solutions span the entire customer journey from when the customer is first acquired, through portfolio changes, and even into collections.

Benefits of identity verification solutions

  • Improve customer experience with lower-friction identity recognition methods and higher approval rates for good, verified customers.
  • Raise fraud detection rates and lower losses through low-false positives and needless referrals.
  • Gain cost efficiencies through only leveraging step-up authentication treatments for those customer interactions truly warranting additional verification.
  • Improve reputation and security by invoking the right account management techniques across the customer life cycle.

How we help identify legitimate customers with confidence


Step-up authentication methods

One-time passwordknowledge-based authentication, document verification, and behavioral biometrics.

Meet compliance requirements

Detect first-party fraud risks

Through trusted bust out fraud risk scores

Isolate synthetic identity risk

With predictive scores and indicators that minimize false positives

Identify account takeover

Detect identities and identity elements at risk in your portfolio for proactive intervention

Covert device intelligence

Identify fraud patterns and detect harmful bot activity

Experian perspective

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