Customer lifetime value

Maximize opportunities across the entire customer life cycle.

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Accurately pinpoint risk associated with individual accounts, reveal hidden trends in your portfolio, and make faster and more effective customer decisions

Enhance and improve:

Collection priorities

Strategy monitoring

Risk management

Match the right treatment to the right customer through performance monitoring and strategic risk management

Receive strategy recommendations for each account including automated decisioning for collections management. Identify potential customers to grant extensions for as well as those that need particular handling to meet regulatory compliance.

Develop customer risk grades based on behavioral and amount past due scores, as well as pandemic-specific insights to give further detail into changing consumer behavior. Reduce potential losses by expediting identification of high-risk accounts to be prioritized for additional attention. Enable your organization to up-sell and cross-sell more effectively, drive customer value, and manage business risk.

Create custom models to achieve consistent decisioning across all major bureaus.

Integrate rich credit data and attributes to improve skip-tracing capabilities.

Automate collection prioritization within your customer portfolio.

Improve predictive analytics to understand each customer’s spending potential and payment history.

Safeguard revenue from inefficient account handling and account losses.

Increase customer insight by understanding balance changes, delinquency patterns, and more

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