Portfolio Management Solutions

Identify growth opportunities and manage risky accounts


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  • Archive Services - Archived Historical Credit Data
  • Archive services enables clients to analyze existing accounts or profile potential target groups to make informed credit decisions for portfolio growth. By observing portfolio behavior over time, clients can refine portfolio management tools to identify areas that present the highest potential profit and the highest risk.

    Clients use archive data to develop custom scoring models, validate and adjust criteria of existing custom scoring models, develop and validate custom attributes, conduct testing, and analyze target groups such as non-responders. With archived data, clients can generate powerful business intelligence about their accounts to make smart, profitable credit decisions.

  • Experian TAPS - Credit Card Spending Estimations
  • Experian TAPSSM uses balance data to estimate the annual spend on every credit card. It then aggregates trade lines to provide a clear snapshot of an individual's annual spend across all their general purpose credit cards. Experian TAPSSM is strongly correlated with income, deposit balances and net worth.

    Experian TAPSSM is designed to give the client the ability to target higher spending customers or prospects, prioritize marketing investment, assign credit lines based on actual spending need, gain a sharper understanding of what drives spend, and retain customers that contribute to their bottom line.

  • Notification Services - Risk / Retention Triggers
  • Notification Services - Risk / Retention Triggers

    Notification Services Daily Triggers are daily notices based on new inquiry, trade, and public record information to alert clients of credit activity. Capturing this data within 24 hours allows clients to respond to competitive threats, capitalize on opportunities to extend additional credit to existing customers, and to protect themselves against risk.

  • Quest - Portfolio Risk Management
  • Quest allow clients to monitor their existing portfolio to gain greater insight into how their accounts are paying other credit grantors and to view consumer trends that may not yet be visible on their own account base. This gives our clients the information they need to renew existing accounts, increase credit limits, identify high risk accounts, prioritize collections and capture more business with special offers.

  • Trend View - Credit Card Usage Patterns and Behaviors
  • Trend ViewSM unlocks the power of trending to help you progress from mass marketing to one-on-one target marketing. It provides unprecedented insight into the credit card usage patterns of your customers and prospects by appending revolutionary new attributes to your account review and acquisition campaigns.

  • Trended Solutions - Credit Trend Data Solutions
  • Trended Solutions includes several products, namely, Trend View, the Short-Term Attributes, Line management attributes and the Trend View GUI. Trended Solutions provide clients valuable insight to increase their share of wallet, expand their relationships through cross-selling, improve their prospecting capabilities, and create improved line assignment strategies.

    Trend View contains specific trade type information (bankcard, retail, unsecured line of credit, second mortgage, and home equity line of credit), that is able to identify different types of consumer behavior by way of six proprietary algorithms: Rate Surfer, Revolver, Transactor, Consolidator, Seasonality, Non-Activator.

    Short-Term-Attributes identify change, specifically balance and utilization changes over the last 3, 6 and 9 month time frames. And the Quest Line Management Attributes are trended data that look at changes in credit limits as opposed to balances. And Trend View graphical user interface is a tool that was created for judgmental lenders (credit analysts who are looking at demographic and credit information to determine loan approvals and credit lines).


Income Verification

  • Debt-to-Income Insight - Income Verification(Debt-to-Income Ratio)
  • Debt-to-Income InsightSM is a model designed to estimate a borrower's outstanding debt obligations as a percentage of their estimated income. The model leverages the predictive power of Income InsightSM, Experian's premier income estimation model, and market-leading Premier AttributesSM to provide an all-in-one assessment of a borrower's capacity to take on additional debt.

    Debt-to-Income Insight is meant to be a companion product to Income Insight. It is an "add on" service and may only be purchased along with Income Insight. Debt-to-Income Insight's approved uses are the same as Income Insight, and it cannot be used for adverse action.

  • Income Insight and Income Insight W2 - Income Verification(Income Estimation Models)
  • Income InsightSM and Income Insight W2SM are models designed to estimate a consumer's income. Income Insight provides a comprehensive measurement of total income offering a complete financial picture of a borrower for greater insight into their ability to meet their obligations.

    Income Insight W2 estimates the wage income of a consumer which is especially applicable for low to mid-range income levels where income is comprised mostly from wages. Both models were built using verified income data and are calculated using exclusively credit bureau attributes. In all cases, the models are not to be used as a basis of adverse action.