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Understanding Gen Y Credit Use

Trends, Findings and Tips to Help You Reach Millennials

Millennials, now the largest generation in the U.S., are coming of credit age and poised to shape the economic landscape in the decades to come. How do they wish to interact with lenders and businesses? And how can financial institutions segment this massive market to target and deliver personalized offers and solutions?

Delve into Experian’s Millennial Credit Series to learn more about this influential population and how they will impact the world of credit.

Targeting Credit-Ready Millennials
Growing Thin-File Millennials
Paper: Banking and Millennials

White Paper: Building lasting banking relationships with Millennials

Credit Union Insight

Lenders Must Dig Deeper to Grow Millennial Base:

As loan competition heats up, discover solutions to reach emerging markets and grow thin-file consumers.

Credit Union Journal

Catching Up To Millennials:

With Millennials holding a mere 5% of their accounts with credit unions, what can be done to grow membership and build loyalty?

Credit Union Insight:

Solving the Millennial Credit Union Conundrum:

Zeroing to target the right Millennial for your base is a must.


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