Trended Data

Would you like to have a more complete view of your customers? Knowing about a consumer’s past payment behavior, spend and utilization means greater opportunities to effectively manage risk and strengthen marketing campaigns.

Experian’s Trended Data provides key balance and payment data for the previous 24 months to allow lenders to take advantage of behavior trends to determine how individuals are utilizing their credit – whether they are carrying balances, consolidating or paying off their balances each month.

Unlock the power of trended data

The power of trended data is in being able to quickly and easily identify a credit behavior pattern and then action on it. With Experian’s full suite of trended data products, you can effectively act on the benefits of trended data to improve your ability to:

  • Offer the right products and terms to increase response rates
  • Determine upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Prevent attrition
  • Identify profitable customers
  • Avoid consumers with payment stress
  • Limit loss exposure   

Experian’s Trended Data, and the solutions built from it, allow lenders to effectively predict where a consumer is going based on where they’ve been. And really, that can make all the difference when it comes to smart lending decisions.

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