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Daily monitoring on your collection accounts

Collection TriggersSM

It happens. A customer suddenly stops payment and drops into delinquent status. But just as swiftly as a person can fall behind on payment, there are moments to indicate they might be worthy of your collections efforts. When do you know those ideal times to work the account again?

Collection TriggersSM tracks your accounts, offering daily monitoring, to notify you of new contact information and changes that indicate financial improvement and ability to pay. It takes the guess work out of how to manage your collections efforts, increases right-party contacts and ideally helps you capture more wallet share.

Collection Triggers is ideal for all stages of the recovery process, monitoring the following:

  • Early-stage delinquencies - accounts for public record, civil action, tradeline and demographic events
  • Charge-off accounts - key trigger events so that you can segment portfolio strategies
  • Uncollectible, warehoused and post-judgment accounts - your debtor may have eluded you in the past, but when he or she surfaces, you'll be notified immediately
Features and Benefits
  • Daily monitoring and delivery of trigger results, with flexible delivery methods and optional triggering categories
  • No upfront costs to monitor accounts
  • Backed by Experian's File OneSM database of more than 220 million credit-active consumers
  • Control to decide what accounts to track and define the rules around monitoring

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