Portfolio risk management

Mitigate risk and maximize revenue within your portfolio with our portfolio risk management solutions

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Accelerate growth

Develop holistic customer profiles with data, scores and analytics to make more informed portfolio risk management decisions. Identify and connect with customers within your current portfolio who have untapped potential to drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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Proactively identify risk

Better assess ability to pay, monitor accounts for negative performance and identify emerging credit problems before they affect your bottom line. Reduce account delinquency by taking the right actions at the right times with your customers.  

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Enhance collections efforts

Quickly and accurately evaluate collections recovery and profit potential on debt portfolios. By leveraging powerful, predictive portfolio risk analytics, including collections-specific attributes, you can identify accounts with the greatest recovery potential and set collections priorities with greater confidence.

Identify growth opportunities and manage risky accounts

Leverage portfolio risk management solutions for greater visibility into your portfolio

Set ideal limit and debt controls

Confidently and proactively offer credit limit increases or manage credit decreases based on risk and profitability.

Increase customer retention

Anticipate customer attrition with the right insight. Identify customers eligible for specialized incentives, more competitive rates or credit line increases.

Reduce account delinquency

Analyze key performance indicators and monitor accounts for early signs of payment stress.


Portfolio risk management is a strategic process aimed at minimizing the exposure of portfolios to various market risks. It involves identifying, assessing and mitigating potential risks associated with lending operations. These risks could include market or economic volatility and consumer behavior shifts. Effective portfolio risk management ensures that the potential for losses is minimized while the return on investments is maximized.

Portfolio risk management software is a digital tool designed to assist organizations in overseeing and mitigating potential risks in their investment portfolios. It provides a comprehensive platform for analyzing performance and conducting risk assessments. This software often incorporates data feeds and predictive analytics. It thereby enables informed decision-making, helping to mitigate portfolio risk and enhance returns.


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