Credit risk solutions

Mitigating credit risk throughout the customer lifecycle

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Identify and retain profitable customers

Maximize growth while mitigating risk. Our innovative credit risk management solutions help your organization target the right consumers, identify profitable customers and opportunities for growth within your current portfolio.

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Make fair lending decisions

Enhance transparency in your lending practices, reduce bias and ensure credit decisions comply with regulatory mandates using our robust credit risk solutions, including consumer and commercial datasets, attributes and scores.

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Automate credit decisions

Today’s consumers expect seamless and personalized customer experiences. Automated decisioning provides more precise evaluations, which can streamline the approval and denial processes, reduce manual reviews and create better customer experiences with consistent, automated decisions throughout the credit lifecycle.


In its simplest terms, credit risk is the possibility or likelihood that a borrower (consumer or commercial) won’t repay a debt. To mitigate credit risk, lenders employ credit risk management solutions that provide deeper insights so they can make informed, data-driven lending decisions. Common solutions include credit reports, credit attributes, and scores and models.

Credit risk management is the art and science of using risk mitigation tools to minimize losses while maximizing profits from lending activity throughout the customer lifecycle. For example, during underwriting, a lender must assess credit risk to decide whether to lend to a borrower — and under what terms. In portfolio management, customer risk management also plays an important role in identifying trends and shifts that may indicate risky behavior — or a cross-sell/upsell opportunity.

Commercial credit risk management pertains to the strategies involved in managing risk in lending portfolios when the borrower is an organization or business entity. Experian offers credit risk solutions specifically for commercial lending, including business credit reports.


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