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Leverage proactive monitoring

When it comes to bust-out fraud, early detection and proactive monitoring are the best ways to protect your organization’s reputation, resources and revenue. Spend less time on tedious and manual account reviews by leveraging machine-learned, purpose-built analytics to quickly isolate high risk relationships.

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Implement holistic reviews

Since bust out occurs at the “identity” level where credit is expanded over time to maximize the amount of credit stolen, individual account behavior may appear normal prior to being abandoned. Gaining visibility into a customer’s credit relationships, history and activities across financial institutions can optimize your bust-out risk detection at the identity level.

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Utilize advanced credit data

Detect and predict bust-out fraud with a unique score built on premium credit data. By adding this layer of security to your account review or account opening processes, you can enhance the effectiveness of your bust-out fraud detection program and take early action on high-risk accounts. Detecting bust-out fraud even one month in advance could save you 20 percent on every bust-out loss.


Predict bust-out schemes before they lead to losses

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