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Use real-time matching solutions to standardize and identify duplicate data

For many organizations, data duplication is a common problem that creates negative customer experiences and organizational inefficiency.

To solve this issue, many companies hire employees to manually detect and correct duplicates in their database(s). However, this highly repetitive task often proves to be extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Experian’s data deduplication software eliminates the need to manually check for duplicates and provides tools to quickly and easily correct duplicates in the data.

Our customizable, quick and reliable data deduplication solutions can easily integrate into your existing technology environment. We use a series of sophisticated searching and matching techniques to accurately identify duplicate records. This can help streamline your organization’s business processes and create better experiences for your customers. 

Identify and eliminate duplicates within your data and customer records

Duplicate data can cause many problems within your organization. Experian’s data deduplication solutions can help you prevent these problems before they occur.

Reduce fees and preserve ROI

Our merge/purge services offer flexible and customizable duplicate identification methodology. Identify and remove duplicates from your mailing lists to keep your databases lean while saving on postage and processing costs.

Find and detect duplicate data with ease

Our data deduplication solution uses a powerful matching engine that leverages fuzzy matching and multicultural intelligence. This tool can find connections between data elements, despite keyboard errors, missing words, extra words, nicknames or multicultural name variations.

Improve customer experiences

We can help you automatically detect duplicate records quickly, which prevents repeated customer communications and creates better customer experiences.


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