Trended data

Uncover patterns in customer behavior over time to manage portfolio risk and determine next best actions

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Get deeper insights into customer behavior with trended data

While traditional credit data attributes provide valuable insights into customers at a given point in time, trended data and attributes analyze a customer’s behavior over time. With trended data, you’ll be able to get greater insights into customers to better determine their creditworthiness. Utilizing trended data in scoring models can improve lift when compared to models developed using traditional credit attributes alone.

Integrating trended attributes into business strategies can allow organizations to identify risk and determine their next best actions and solutions. These insights can help you understand not only what a customer looks like now but can also reveal how they got there and where they’re going.

Uncover customer behavior patterns to better manage portfolio risk and profitability

From raw trended credit data to sophisticated prebuilt models, our suite of trended solutions can help you go beyond point-in-time data to get more predictive insights into your consumers.

Trended data

Our trended data comprises five key fields of historical payment and balance information over a 24-month period. Historical trended data fields serve as the building blocks of models and attributes that unlock consumer credit behavior.

Trended attributes

Extract the benefits of trended data with trended attributes like Experian’s Trended 3D™, which can be appended to your credit reports in an easy-to-use format for segmentation and decisioning insight.

Trended solutions

Leverage predictive analytics with models built with trended attributes. Build your own models or hit the ground running with our prebuilt trended risk scores and solutions, including Experian TAPS and In the Market Models.


See what trended credit data can do for your business

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