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Avoid unnecessary time and expenses

Our machine learning and analytics services help businesses avoid unnecessary costs so you can stay focused on developing predictive solutions and strategies that will drive business ROI.

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Build, deploy and customize models quickly

Our team can help you build and deploy statistical tools (attributes, models and decision strategies) seamlessly with leading-edge methodologies on platforms that achieve sub-second decisioning.

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Custom solutions based on business needs

AI analytics and automation enable your organization to customize scores and attributes to optimize the predictiveness of your models while expediting decisions on low-risk applications or current accounts.

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Use the latest AI/ML models and techniques

Your organization can benefit from the most advanced, leading-edge machine learning solutions, harnessing the power of gradient boosted or neural network methodologies to more traditional, tried-and-true methods (such as decision trees, linear regression). Use predictive analytics and modeling to make better decisions for your business. 

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Explainable, compliant and ethical

Our automated processes and interpretable models keep decisions transparent and fair, even with the most modern machine learning techniques.

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Feel confident in your automation with high-quality data inputs

Transform data into deep customer insights. Our machine learning and analytics solutions allow you to seamlessly connect to hundreds of data sources to remove duplicates, correct errors and standardize formats. With improved data quality comes a more comprehensive view of your customers, business operations and more.

Frequently asked questions

At its core, AI-driven analytics, or AI analytics, is the automation of data analysis leveraging advanced techniques such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI analytics has the power to parse data, identify patterns and provide optimal decisions for every business use case.

As markets and consumer preferences evolve, dynamic solutions like AI and machine learning can offer greater agility and predictiveness to your organization’s models and strategies. Unlocking deeper insights can pave the way for optimized decisioning, which can increase profitability, uncover growth opportunities and increase operational efficiency — all while providing better customer experiences.

The power of machine learning and AI analytics can help organizations across a diverse range of industries and organizational functions. At Experian, our AI analytics and machine learning solutions serve many industries, including healthcare, automotive, marketing, mortgage, public sector, telecommunications and financial services. While a financial services organization may use AI/ML solutions to make better lending decisions across the credit lifecycle, a healthcare organization could leverage these solutions to optimize their preauthorization or collections strategies.


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