A proactive approach to portfolio management

In the fast-paced world of account management, lenders need real-time credit activity insight to remain competitive and detect early signs of risk. Risk and Retention Triggers provide timely notifications for positive and negative credit indicators on your customer database, allowing you to take immediate action and determine whether customers are qualified for retention offers or need to be monitored for risk.

Level up your risk and retention efforts

Proactive approach

Receive daily alerts when a customer meets determined criteria to flag as a risk or retention opportunity.

Customer retention

Detect when a customer is rate shopping and generate timely, competitive retention offers.

Risk mitigation

Identify when a customer is experiencing financial stress or other behaviors that indicate risk. 

Remain competitive in the fast-paced world of account management

Detect early warning signs of risk

Go beyond standard batch solutions to optimize your risk and retention strategies

Learn how Risk and Retention Triggers can be customized to fit your needs


Risk Triggers

Receive alerts on accounts with derogatory information, such recent bankruptcy, judgment or lien; collections; late payments; charge-offs or changes in public record. 


Retention Triggers

Receive alerts when your customers shop for new credit, open a new trade or list their property so you can make an immediate retention offer.

Enhance your portfolio management

  • 100+ trigger types backed by Experian’s superior data quality 
  • Expanded FCRA data provides visibility into credit invisibles and thin files 
  • Customized data to fit the specific needs of your portfolio  
  • Scores appended directly to flagged accounts to allow you to make risk or retention decisions based on portfolio-specific criteria 
  • Timely alerts sent within minutes of a triggering event 
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Gain a competitive edge with real-time triggers

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