Verification at the speed of now

You need to make informed decisions, quickly, based on accurate information and without compromising your customer experience. With Experian Verify™, you gain instant access to the most trusted income and employment information available, so you can confidently say yes to customers faster and more efficiently.




Raising the bar for employment and income verification

See how Experian Verify can enable your business through precise, real-time employment and income verification.

It’s time to level-up your verification experience

Reduce risk

Enhance decisions using an accurate and up-to-date view of your customers’ financial situation.

Accelerate conversion

Streamline complex and time-consuming verification processes and approve more customers in real time.

Remove friction

Complete verification in seconds and give your team more time to focus on growing your business.

Better data. Better decisions. Better experience.

Learn how Experian Verify can help propel your business forward.

Maximize coverage using our innovative automated verification waterfall

Experian Verify blends the power of instant and permissioned verification into one seamless experience for you and your customers.

consumers with lending client

Instant verification

Our automated waterfall starts by leveraging Experian’s instant employer payroll network, allowing you to verify your customers’ income and employment information in real-time, without friction.

consumer connecting with employment payroll himself.

Permissioned verification

If instant verification is unavailable, we will automatically waterfall to permissioned verification, whereby consumers can opt to connect to their payroll accounts and verify their information directly from their employer's payroll service.

Learn how Experian Verify automated waterfall can simplify your verification process

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The Experian Verify difference

  • Second largest instant employer payroll network in the industry 
  • Available with permissioned payroll account access and automated verification waterfall 
  • Unmatched data quality, only delivering data you can use and trust 
  • All Experian Verify reports are FCRA compliant and adverse actionable 
  • Flexible design to meet your unique business needs 
  • World-class service helping you every step of the way 
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Credit unions


Alternative finance

Employment screening

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