Optimize your decision strategies to improve profitability and efficiency

Experian® Optimize (formerly Marketswitch Optimization®) is a mathematical optimization software solution that helps you maximize your business goals across the entire customer life cycle. Our optimization software evaluates competing business goals, operational constraints, contact protocols and individual customer needs and preferences, and calculates the impact of every possible decision — leaving you with the best combination of actions to take to maximize performance and stay within your constraints.

Maximize your business goals

Customer-level decisioning

Calculate the impact of every single possible decision on every single customer. 

Performance lift

Lift performance by up to 30 percent against even very sophisticated techniques.

Solve complex decision problems

Determine the optimal decisions and strategy based on your overall business goal and multiple constraints.




Harness the power of mathematical optimization

Experian Optimize transforms complex data into the insights you need to enhance your decisioning strategies.


Design, analyze and execute mathematically optimized decision strategies

Improve decisions across the entire customer life cycle


How it works

  • Identify alternative strategy options and their impact on your business.   
  • Test the impact of trillions of strategy options in seconds using our advanced algorithms. 
  • Select the best strategy based on your goals and constraints.  
  • Optimize decisions while taking into consideration your business goals and constraints.  
  • Simulate the results within a safe environment before running in production.  
  • Monitor your strategy and rebuild and retrain on a regular basis to meet your business goals. 


Product features

  • Customer-level action assignment and/or strategy tree creation 
  • Constraint-based optimization 
  • Simulation based on different scenarios and scenario management 
  • Advanced analytical features suited to times of extreme uncertainty 
  • Cloud-based solution for easy implementation and updates 


Implement mathematical optimization to drive profitable decisions

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