Empower consumers with true credit intelligence

Building lasting customer relationships in today’s credit environment requires increased transparency and engagement. Experian Credit Insight Program enables you to provide consumers with their VantageScore® credit score along with relevant credit insights, education and resources that empower credit literacy.* This provides a tremendous opportunity to help them gain a deeper understanding of their credit and make more informed financial decisions. 

Leveraging your VantageScore license for portfolio management, Experian Credit Insight Program adds this secondary use at no additional cost. 

*VantageScore is a registered trademark of VantageScore Solutions, LLC.   

Deepen your customer relationships with credit score insights

Promote credit education

Drive consumer credit literacy with factors that impact consumers’ scores. 

Enhance your customer experience

Build customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a personalized user experience. 

Increase engagement

Promote new opportunities for online and offline engagement with consumers. 



Drive financial literacy by allowing consumers to:

  • Track scores over time for a longitudinal view of credit health 
  • Access their VantageScore and both positive and negative factor codes 
  • Gain insights into key credit attributes that impact credit scores 
  • View online credit insights, education tools and resources