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Based on mainstream credit data, VantageScore® is a highly predictive credit scoring model developed jointly by the top-three credit reporting companies (CRCs), Experian®, Equifax and TransUnion. VantageScore combines machine learning and advanced analytics to score a broader population while increasing consistency across all three CRCs*. 

VantageScore 4.0, the latest iteration, provides even deeper insight into consumer credit behavior by incorporating trended credit data, which reflects patterns in consumer credit behavior over time. VantageScore 4.0 expands the scoreable universe to 96% of the U.S. adult population. 

*VantageScore is a registered trademark of VantageScore Solutions, LLC. 

Make confident and inclusive lending decisions

Predictive performance

Yields an incremental predictive performance lift among credit invisibles and thin-file consumers 

Trended data attributes

Leverages 24 months of trended borrower behavior to provide a more complete view of consumer credit 

Universe expansion

Employs machine learning techniques to increase the scoreable universe by 37 million consumers

Harness the power of machine learning and trended data

Optimize decisioning across the consumer life cycle

Tailored credit insights

Enhance the conventional credit score with Experian’s suite of leading composite risk, industry-specific and specialty scores and custom scoring capabilities

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Experian Lift™

Expand your lending universe with our flagship composite credit scores. Lift Premium™ leverages expanded FCRA-regulated data, advanced analytics and machine learning to improve visibility of previously unscoreable consumers. We have a range of options depending on your particular need.

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Custom credit scores

Gain powerful predictive capabilities that are tailored to your business needs and objectives. We can help you develop custom scoring models with our robust library of attributes and solutions.  

Product benefits

  • Score more customers – leverages a new scorecard specific to thin-file consumers to increase the total scoreable credit universe by 37 million consumers 
  • Yearly assessments – ensures highly predictive and consistent credit scores with annual performance tests 
  • Consistent scoring – generates more consistent credit scores across all three bureaus  
  • Predictive lift – outperforms previous models in every major credit category, with a significant overall predictive lift 
  • Refreshed data – reflects the latest credit products and most recent trends in consumer behavior 
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2021 VantageScore Performance Assessment

Read the fourth annual model performance assessment of VantageScore 4.0.

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Credit Scoring and Financial Inclusion

Discover how fair and accurate credit risk assessments can provide more opportunities for more consumers to enter mainstream credit markets. 

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Implementing a New Credit Score in Lender Strategies

Learn more about the process of implementing a new credit scoring model for your business.

Level-up decisioning with Experian's wide range of advanced credit scores

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