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Drive growth by scoring more customers with greater accuracy

Go beyond conventional scoring models for a deeper view of consumer credit behavior. Lift Premium™ leverages expanded FCRA-regulated data, advanced analytics and machine learning to improve visibility of previously unscoreable consumers so you can expand your lending universe and boost your financial inclusion strategies. Lift Premium improves predictive performance across the entire credit spectrum and adds the greatest performance value among credit-invisible and thin-file consumers.



Advance your financial inclusion efforts

Leveraging expanded data sets, Lift Premium provides deeper insights into underserved segments to help you unlock more credit opportunities and make smarter lending decisions.


A new standard for predictive performance and accuracy

Universe expansion

Expand your universe of scoreable consumers to 96% of the U.S. adult population, versus 81% using conventional scores.

Drive growth

Reach new segments of potentially loyal customers by engaging with credit invisibles likely to perform better.

Optimized decisioning

Maximize approvals without increasing overall risk appetite  with improved scoring accuracy.

Reach more creditworthy consumers

Learn how Lift Premium can help you expand first- and second-chance credit opportunities.

Product features and benefits

  • Combines traditional and expanded FCRA-regulated data sources to expand your lending universe 
  • Driven by innovative machine learning for improved predictive performance   
  • Familiar 300–850 scale with full support of adverse action across all included data   
  • Scores over 65% of traditionally credit-invisible consumers 
  • Helps drive top-line growth with no change to your marketing strategy
  • Meets all compliance requirements, including the most recently instituted National Consumer Assistance Plan rules  
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If you’re a consumer looking for information about Lift Premium™, please visit our consumer services page.

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