Uncover deeper insights into consumer behavior

Credit3D® combines the power of the credit profile with the depth of trended credit data in ready-to-deploy, prescriptive solutions designed to increase response rates, optimize credit terms and decrease attrition. It takes point-in-time and historical data and transforms it into multidimensional insights. 

Whether you’re entering a new market or seeking to manage and grow your existing portfolio, Credit3D takes the guesswork out of your data strategy. It offers complete solutions tailored across multiple industries and the full customer lifecycle. 

Refine your marketing and risk strategies

Enhance segmentation

Target the right consumers with the right offers and improve your response rates. 

Optimize credit terms

Understand a consumer’s total spend to set and adjust credit lines and interest rates. 

Maximize customer relationships

Better assess ability to pay and identify customers who have the capacity to manage additional debt.   

Optimize your campaigns with deeper insights

Uncover trends related to balance, payment and migration patterns

Gain deeper insights with predictive attributes and models

Our suite of Credit3D solutions can help you enhance your segmentation strategy to increase marketing effectiveness and improve profitability.


Trended attributes

Analyze a consumer’s behavior over time with our Trended 3D™ attributes to uncover patterns that can enhance decisioning.


Premier Attributes

Access more than 2,100 credit attributes that provide clear insights into consumer credit behavior.


In The Market Models

Identify consumers who will be in the market for a specific type of credit product within the next 30 to 120 days.


Balance Transfer Index and Balance Transfer Surfer Model™

Predict the likelihood a consumer will initiate a balance transfer, and filter out likely rate surfers.


Income Insight and Income Insight Wage

Leverage estimated income to determine consumers’ ability to repay loans.


Estimated Income Rate Calculation (EIRC)

Gain visibility into a consumer’s existing tradelines and estimated interest rates.


Experian TAPS

Better predict future spend with an estimate of a consumer’s total annual credit card spend.


Ready to take your segmentation strategy to the next level?

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