Risk Management Software

Implementing effective risk management strategies is important to all organizations. It’s perhaps even more critical at financial institutions or other types of companies with large numbers of consumer accounts. Experian makes risk management software products designed specifically for these types of organizations and offering several advantages over traditional risk management approaches.

Greater Control of Your Portfolio

Monitor changes in your account portfolio with proactive alerts and notifications to minimize risks and identify revenue opportunities sooner. Set filters that scan for negative account performance, such as late-payment behavior or bankruptcy, and create targeted strategies for future accounts.

Manage Your Customers and Clients Effortlessly

Increase overall profitability by accurately pinpointing the risks associated with individual accounts. Develop renewal guidelines and retention programs, and identify cross-sell opportunities. Experian’s QuestSM software provides a snapshot of your portfolio’s overall health while also allowing you to prioritize your accounts for collections.

Automate Credit Decisions

Actively mitigate risk with decisioning software. Automated decisioning systems allow you to deploy custom business rules so you can make quick, consistent credit decisions based on numerous data sources and analytics. Streamlining your decision-making process with tools like DecisionIQSM let’s you make smarter, more-efficient customer decisions in real time.


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