Risk Management Process

Strong risk management processes are the foundation of effective enterprise risk management. For organizations processing large volumes of transactions, risk management processes must be not only well-designed but also extremely agile. For example, companies making credit decisions must be able to identify fraudulent activity “on the fly” as applications come in.

Experian® excels at helping clients mitigate business risk through a variety of products and services designed to improve risk management processes.

Verify Applicants and Potential Customers

You can reduce credit risk significantly by evaluating potential customers before doing business with them. Authenticate customer identity, verify credit-card usage and locate any inconsistencies between application and credit-report data.

To address commercial credit risk, you can verify business linkage and ownership, evaluate default risk and determine creditworthiness.

Take Action at the First Sign of Trouble

Identifying risks early is critical to managing credit risk. You can reduce risk by measuring and predicting consumer default as well as monitoring the financial integrity of business customers. By receiving alerts on credit activity — such as inquiries, late payments or changes in public records — you can help identify unexpected portfolio risk at its earliest stages.

Identify Profitable and Risky Accounts

By proactively managing customer accounts, you can help minimize risk from customers experiencing negative credit events. At the same time, monitoring your portfolios carefully allows you to identify profitable accounts and extend credit to the right customers in order to maximize revenue opportunities.


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