Credit Risk Analysis

Credit risk presents a substantial threat to business organizations. As such, risk managers understand the importance of identifying and quantifying the various sources of credit risk. A key component of this analysis consists of building a full picture of your customers. Credit risk analysis of your customers and prospects helps mitigate the risk of default and nonpayment. Here's how Experian makes this process easier:

Know Your Customers

Understanding your prospects before doing business with them allows you to anticipate and mitigate credit risk. Authenticate their identity, verify credit card usage and locate any inconsistencies between application and credit report data.

Catch Fraud Before It Occurs

Safeguard your business by catching fraud before it even occurs. Experian's ASSIST//ck® can help you detect money laundering, monitor transaction trends and meet regulatory compliance requirements in one tool. It also can help systemically profile accounts and monitor transaction trends.

Identify Profitable and Risky Accounts

Proactively managing accounts helps minimize risk from customers experiencing negative credit events. Also, by tracking your portfolios, you can identify profitable accounts and extend credit to the right clients in order to maximize revenue opportunities.


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