Customer risk management

Tools to help you measure and predict customer risk

Commercial / consumer risk management

Experian provides a variety of assessment tools to measure and predict consumer risk as well as an array of reports and search services that let you monitor the financial integrity of business customers. These customer risk management products are particularly helpful in the acquisitions phase and beneficial throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Identify risk early with the following products and services focused on your commercial or consumer customers:


Business Owner Background ReportSM

Unprecedented visibility into a business owner or principal’s relationships with current and former business interests.

BusinessIQTM Premier Profile

Evaluating credit risk, performing fraud checks and reviewing a company help ensure a thorough business review and better decision making.

Corporate Linkage

Gain a complete perspective of a business’s overall risk and structure by identifying relationships among business locations.

Intelliscore PlusSM

This credit decisioning tool provides both the business credit score and a predictive delinquency score for optimal small-business risk assessment.

International Reports

Doing business with overseas companies presents unique challenges. Experian’s international report service provides information on nearly any business around the globe.

Supplier Check Reports

Assess a supplier’s risk of business closure with easy-to-read reports of trusted supplier information and risk scores. Choose from four supplier reports, each providing you with instant access to reliable data.


Address Update

Maintain quality address information to keep in touch with good customers and prevent losses from problem accounts.


Find out whether other companies have filed a claim against the collateral placed on a business loan.


Profiles account activity that appears to be money laundering, monitors suspicious behavior and creates reports that meet federal guidelines.


Profiles account activity that appears to be money laundering, monitors suspicious behavior and creates reports that meet federal guidelines.

Collection Advantage

Get 24/7 access to critical debt collection information, including credit-based scoring, consumer contact data and analytical services — all in one seamless delivery system.

Collection Triggers

You choose the information you want us to track. When there is new information available, we immediately notify you with this dynamic, flexible account monitoring tool.

Credit Migration SolutionsSM

Monitor and compare consumers’ credit behavior changes over time to reveal how consumers are performing and how their profiles are changing. This financial risk management tool helps you retain and grow profitable customers while safeguarding your portfolio from high-risk consumer accounts.

Credit Profile Report and Options

Having the most accurate data and access to more than 220 million credit-active consumers lets you make informed customer acquisition decisions.

Debt Portfolio Evaluator

Quickly and accurately evaluate collections recovery and profit potential on a debt portfolio.

Decisioning as a Service

Decisioning as a Service is a streamlined delivery method engineered to help Experian clients gain greater value from data and decisioning products. It does so by providing flexible, real-time access to more data sources, attributes, scores and analytics.

Experian TAPSSM

With TAPS (Total Annual Plastic Spend), assign the correct APR in underwriting to maximize wallet share and interchange revenue, and estimate a consumer’s spend on all general-purpose credit and charge cards over the past 12 months. Combine with income to identify potential debit users.

Financial PersonalitiesSM - Marketing Based

A new generation of category-specific campaign targeting and tailoring tools for financial services marketers seeking to improve the performance of their campaigns. Financial Personalities is the only campaign targeting and tailoring system of its kind in the marketplace today.

Instant Prescreen

A quick and easy cross-selling tool that lets you immediately extend preapproved offers of credit to prospects when they’re most responsive — at the point of contact.


Minimize risk and maximize your marketing dollars by sending preapproved offers to the right prospects at the right time.

Marketswitch OptimizationTM

Determines the right credit amount and terms and adjusts credit lines to profitably grow and retain existing customers.

National Fraud DatabaseSM

This service provides access to the world’s largest repository of verified fraud records.

Optimization Suite

Maximize acquisition strategies and customer relationships to achieve organizational goals with a tool that balances risk versus reward. Grow your portfolio with minimal risk and nurture long-term profitable customer relationships.

PowerCurve Strategy Management

Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your credit risk and marketing strategies across the Customer Life Cycle with Experian’s premier business rules management system.

PowerCurve Customer Management

The right strategies and means can keep you moving in an ever-more-profitable direction, while also navigating an every-changing business environment. Earn more profitable customers through adaptive and targeted approaches with PowerCurve Customer Management.


Prequalify consumers for credit in real time — enabling you to match consumers to loan options at the point of contact, providing them with a variety of credit options, but eliminating the requirement that the company must make a firm offer of credit.


Qualifies and segments your prospect list according to your unique credit criteria so you can target consumers most likely to respond to your credit offers.

Risk-Based Pricing

A valuable risk management system allowing you to determine the ideal product pricing-tier breaks and interest rates in order to maximize portfolio profitability and create a competitive advantage.

Strategic Default

Faced with negative equity and a slumping housing market, many borrowers are choosing to cease paying their mortgages even while staying current with their nonmortgage debts. Lenders need the best strategies for managing consumers who exhibit strategic default behavior.

Trended Solutions

Segment those prospects and customers who are likely to go delinquent by understanding if a consumer is rapidly increasing his or her balances or paying off debt.

Customer data reporting

How can you best affect your customers’ overall experience?


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