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Analytical resources to help your organization navigate today’s challenges

As consumer and commercial behavior changes with today’s volatile economic environment, your organization needs an agile partner. Experian has helped lenders adjust business strategies since Day 1 of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue to Look Ahead, you can count on us for the most up-to-date data and continuous innovation to deliver tomorrow's solutions today.

Combining carefully chosen and dynamic solutions, our Economic Response and Recovery Suite is regularly updated to help your organization navigate and accelerate your response, recovery and beyond.



Watch how the Economic Response and Recovery Suite can help your organization.

Our suite is differentiated by


Our analytics solutions include industry-leading attribute sets, credit and fraud scores, and forecasting solutions.

Business intelligence

We offer a weekly attribute governance report, Experian insights and dashboards, custom business intelligence solutions and more.

Consulting services

Experian’s analytics, strategy, and business consultants are ready to help you implement the right strategies right now.


Our models and solutions can be rapidly deployed using the most advanced modeling methods and artificial intelligence computing power.

Unlock greater insights into individual and small business customers to protect them and your business

Manage portfolio health

Industry-leading data, analytics and expertise to help you analyze the impact of current events and macroeconomic conditions on your portfolio.

  • Identify early warning indicators in loan portfolios and financially stressed consumers and businesses
  • Level-up forecasting capabilities for better liquidity estimates and conduct better stress tests
  • Build more accurate loss forecasting models that are regularly refreshed as economic conditions change
  • Incorporate up-to-date COVID-specific stress scenarios when planning and calculating credit loss allowances
Drive sustainable recovery banner

Prioritize influx of consumer and small business delinquencies for collections and segment customer engagement programs.

  • Collect more and reduce losses and allowance
  • Control collections expenses
  • Ensure compliance
  • Set up triggers to respond quickly to changes in credit behavior and ability-to-pay life events 
  • Increase right party contacts
  • Segment debtors by risk level and propensity to pay
  • Improve the omnichannel collections experience with digital, self-service and traditional contact channels
Mitigate risk banner

Plan for expected spikes in fraud schemes across the customer lifecycle – protect your customers and your business.

  • Get strategic insight into digital access
  • Improve credit risk management
  • Detect and reduce identity fraud
  • Build and improve on deployment strategies
Achieve responsible growth

Maximize key business objectives with data-driven analytics to improve and refine your prescreen, prequalification, marketing and underwriting strategies for growth and recovery.

  • Incorporate volatility-relevant selection criteria
  • Use more effective segmentation to pre-screen and attract qualified leads
  • Track consumer and commercial shifts for selected attributes and scores on an ongoing basis
  • Understand new changes in data reporting, new regulatory measures, and economic trends
  • Improve your digital marketing strategy

Attributes, scores and alerts you won’t find anywhere else

Using the right attributes is critical to helping accelerate your road to recovery and beyond by focusing on the most useful information for your business.

Spotlight 2020 Attributes

Identify accommodations

These new attributes were created to empower clients to address the current market conditions and interpret changes in credit reporting.

As part of Experian’s proprietary set of 300 new attributes, known as the Spotlight 2020 Attributes, we can identify consumers who have taken an accommodation.

Learn more about Spotlight Attributes

Recommended Attributes, Scores and Alerts for Economic Response List


Identify financially stressed consumers and small businesses with early-warning indicators, respond quickly to change, predict future customer behavior, and deliver the best treatment at the right time based on customer specific situation or behavior.

To help your organization get started, we’ve also made new developments to our existing attributes and scores to help accelerate your response and recovery.

Here are the attributes most critical for your organization:

  • Premier AttributesSM - A comprehensive set of attributes that summarizes the essential data on a credit report and contains over 2,100 credit attributes across 51 different industries
  • Trended 3D™ - A set of time-series attributes that unlocks valuable information hidden within the credit report 
  • Clear View Attributes™ - A set of attributes that provides a comprehensive view of a consumer's use of alternative financial services


Commercial scoring

Intelliscore PlusSM - A business credit score model which assesses risk quickly to reduce slow-pay and write-offs, based on segmenting accounts by delinquency risk categories

Financial Stability Risk ScoreSM - A risk score that identifies the businesses with the highest risk for failure and payment default

Commercial Recovery Score™ - A recovery score that assesses the chance of collection for severely delinquent accounts for collections prioritization

Business risk index

COVID-19 US Business Risk Index - A dashboard that can be used as a directional indicator to assess additional levels of risk based on industries and geographies which are most likely to be impacted by COVID-19 and its severity


Account Monitoring Service - A comprehensive and proactive monitoring system that provides notifications of key events occurring within portfolios, including negative shifts in customer payment behavior


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