Customer risk analysis

Differentiate and evaluate both risky and profitable customers with Experian

Customer Risk Assessment

An accurate customer risk assessment will help you acquire the most profitable consumers while minimizing risk. For business-to-consumer companies, Experian offers consumer credit information, advanced scoring software, prescreening systems and application decisioning tools. For companies looking to acquire business customers, our business reports and public records, portfolio data and risk modeling tools allow clients to create comprehensive profiles of business prospects. Determine which businesses are well-capitalized and financially suited for customer acquisition.

Evaluate customer risk associated with customer acquisition using the following products and services:

Risk-based Pricing Rule

For companies that use credit reports or scores to make lending decisions, the compliance deadline for a new Risk-Based Pricing Rule is quickly approaching.


Improve operational efficiencies by authenticating a business applicant in a single transaction. Biz ID searches multiple databases to verify business name and business owners while helping meet compliance requirements.

Business Owner Background Report

Unprecedented visibility into a business owner or principal’s relationships with current and former business interests.

Business Owner Profile

Understand how an owner’s personal finances may impact their small business’ financial risk with this comprehensive personal credit report designed for business use. Includes Office of Foreign Assets Control alerts (OFAC) and fraud checking.

Business Summary

Quickly verify a business is active or approve small dollar amounts. Provides a summary of information available in a full credit report.

BusinessIQ Premier Profile

Now available – our most comprehensive business credit report ever – including credit score and fraud tools.

Decision EssentialsTM for hosted acquisitions

Confidently enter the unsecured personal loan market. Decision EssentialsTM for hosted acquisitions includes everything you need to enter the unsecured personal loan market in a simple, easy-to-integrate package - Including data, scores, attributes and hosted decisioning software.

Decision InsightSM

Automate approvals for new customers using preset, customizable rules that reflect your company’s credit policy. Combines automated decisioning with the Intelliscore Plus score.

Intelliscore PlusSM

Make quick, accurate decisions using Experian’s strongest commercial risk assessment score. This all-industry model provides two types of scores — a business risk score and a blended business/owner score.

International Reports

Doing business with overseas companies presents unique challenges. Experian's international report service provides information on nearly any business around the globe.

Rental Payment Data

The inclusion of rental payment data in credit files provides you with a more comprehensive understanding of a consumer’s total monthly obligations.

Small Business Credit Share ReportSM

Get exclusive access to detailed payment information. The report is exclusively for Small Business Credit Share data consortium members. It expands on the Business Profile Report with in-depth 36-month payment history on financial relationships and trade lines.


Address Update

Maintain quality address information to keep in touch with good customers and prevent losses from problem accounts.

Attribute Toolbox™

Analyzes credit and non-credit data to create a more precise risk score and more accurate acquisition strategy.

Collection Advantage

Get 24-7 access to critical debt collection information, including credit-based scoring, consumer contact data and analytical services — all in one seamless delivery system.

Collection Triggers

You choose the information you want us to track. When there is new information available, we immediately notify you with this dynamic, flexible account monitoring tool.

Credit Card Verification

Prevent the acquisition of unscrupulous customers by authenticating cards and card users during transactions.

Credit Profile Report and Options

Having the most accurate data and access to more than 220 million credit-active consumers lets you make informed customer acquisition decisioning.

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Custom Scoring Models

Achieve better acquisition results using highly segmented data and advanced scoring models.

Debt Portfolio Evaluator

Quickly and accurately evaluate collections recovery and profit potential on a debt portfolio.

Debt-to-Income InsightSM

Better understand the risk in your portfolio through greater insight into the overall debt capacity of your customers.

Experian TAPSSM

With TAPS (Total Annual Plastic Spend), assign the correct APR in underwriting to maximize wallet share and interchange revenue and estimates a consumer’s spend on all general purpose credit and charge cards over the last 12 months. Combine with income to identify potential debit users.

Fast StartSM

A combined scoring and consultation tool that enables you create custom industry-specific scoring models based on unique criteria.

Fraud ShieldSM

Identifies inconsistencies between a customer’s credit application information and credit report data.

Fraud ShieldSM Score

Gain market insights that tell you how your customers compare with the overall B2B marketplace, plus learn their lifestyle attributes, market penetration rates and more.

Income InsightSM

Enhance your customer risk assessment by getting a customer’s complete financial picture through in-depth insight into their overall repayment ability.

Instant Prescreen

A quick and easy cross-selling tool that lets you immediately extend preapproved offers of credit to prospects when they’re most responsive — at the point of contact.

Knowledge IQSM

Ideal for Internet or telephone transactions, this identity authentication tool presents challenge-response questions to prevent unauthorized card usage or the opening of a fraudulent account.

Optimization for Acquisitions

Maximize acquisition strategies to achieve organizational goals through optimized marketing strategies that effectively balance risk versus reward to create immediate and long-term profitable customer relationships.

PowerCurve - Strategy Management

Utilizes advanced technology to tightly link strategy design with strategy execution, providing painless deployments and unmatched performance monitoring, with results mapped back to your individual strategies. This complete loop architecture accelerates your test-and-learn cycles, and easily adapts to market and consumer behavior changes.

Precise IDSM

Scores applicants and provides advanced decisioning to determine terms and lines of credit to extend to new customers.


Qualifies and segments your prospect list according to your unique credit criteria so you can target consumers most likely to respond to your credit offers.

Prospect TriggersSM

Achieve increased response rates to your pre-approved credit offers by reaching consumers at the precise time they actively are shopping for credit.

Risk-Based Pricing

Determine the ideal product pricing tier breaks and interest rates to maximize portfolio profitability and create a competitive advantage.

Social Search

By referencing Social Security numbers to verify identity, it helps locate individuals who have skipped and may have changed their name and address.

Trend View Behaviors

Unlock the power of trending and make the most appropriate offers to customers and prospects at precisely the right time by understanding a consumer’s past payment behavior.

Trended Solutions

Access historical credit data that allows you to target the right customers, manage risk and gain valuable market intelligence.


Make customer risk assessment decisions with improved, consistent prediction power by leveraging data from all three national credit reporting companies.

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