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Authentication Services
Authentication Services provides the information you need to instantly verify customer identity and prevent fraud while conducting secure transactions online and at call centers.

Reduce fraud losses from identity theft

Instant access to critical data helps you verify identity and prevent potential fraud.

Streamline processing for increased profits

Automated, consistent and objective decisions enable faster approvals, minimize referral queues and maximize usage of staff time.

Provide a secure environment to increase customer confidence and satisfaction

Utilize one of three levels based on your business objectives. All levels can be seamlessly integrated into your Web site, call center or point-of-sale environments.

Adhere to new FFIEC guidelines

Reliably authenticate customers when they’re accessing your Internet-based services. Financial institutions are encouraged to adopt two-factor authentication methods which can include “out-of-wallet” authentication. The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) recommends two-factor authentication as the security mechanism to access customer information or the movement of funds to other parties.


Three levels of authentication

Can be used independently or together

Choose level according to your business objectives for each transaction.

Level One

Validates customer information against reliable databases.

Level Two

Authentication indicators and score designed to predict likelihood data was provided by actual consumer.

Level Three - Experian’s knowledge-based authentication capability

The most efficient and user-friendly tool available today for multi-factor authentication is a knowledge-based authentication solution. An interactive session uses customized questions and answers designed to be answerable only by the true consumer. The user's identity is established without delay, enabling consumers and businesses to immediately and securely conduct business.

Comprehensive data sources used to verify customer identity

Verification data

Powerful database on more than 200 million consumers and 25 million businesses to verify information.

Credit data

Experian's File OneSM credit database on more than 200 million consumers.

Supplementary data

Vehicle and property information used in Level Three.

Customizable options

Level Three question types

Select hierarchy of questions used to authenticate customers.

Use limits

Restrict access after a predetermined number of authentication attempts.

Authentication decision criteria

Specify thresholds of acceptance based on your risk tolerance.

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