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  • Q1 2020 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Video Uploaded Date: Jun 22, 2020

    Leading economists from Moody's Analytics and experts from Experian provide a deep dive on the Q1 2020 Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report credit insights.Cristian DeRitis, Moody's Deputy Chief Economist provides an initial assessment of the impact from Coronavirus on the economy and an overview of macro-economic conditions impacting small business. Derrek Grunfelder-McCrank, Moody's Associate Economist provides a regional analysis of credit trends including business sectors that are performing well, and which ones are under pressure, and what's driving the trends. Brodie Oldham, Experian's Senior Director of Analytics Consultancy closes by sharing Experian's perspective on how small businesses are fairing.

  • It is during times like these where portfolio management becomes a key area of focus. In this webinar, experts from Experian and the Credit Research Foundation (CRF) team up to enable you with a strategic framework for quick action.

  • Webinar: Q4 2019 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Video Uploaded Date: Mar 18, 2020

    Leading economists from Moody's Analytics and experts from Experian provide a deep dive into the Q4 Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report credit insights. Ryan Sweet, from Moody's provides an initial assessment of the impact of Coronavirus on the economy, and Derrek G. McCrank provides an overview of regional credit conditions. Brodie Oldham, Experian's Senior Director of Analytics Consultancy closes by sharing Experian's perspective on how small businesses are fairing.

  • Services for Business Claims
    Video Uploaded Date: Nov 21, 2019

    In this webinar, we share insights about how states and municipalities can reduce the level of unclaimed property through effective location and outreach to commercial property owners. Experian's vast and robust data repository of U.S. commercial entities can be used to improve unclaimed property performance. We share how using this data can help you rapidly and accurately identify commercial organizations operating in your state that should be reporting to you but are not.

  • In this webinar, Experian reveals the results of a five-year study of 8,300 Veteran Business Owner credit profiles. We studied credit behavior between 2015 and 2019 to see how Veteran-owned businesses were performing compared to Non-Veteran-owned.

  • Webinar: Creating Successful Terms Pushback Outcomes
    Webinar Published Date: Sep 26, 2019

    Businesses are now increasingly renegotiating their payment terms with suppliers through a program called terms push-back (TPB). In this webinar, Scott Blakeley leads a discussion about how businesses can effectively respond to Terms Pushback requests.

  • Keys to unlocking debt management success
    Webinar Published Date: Jul 1, 2019

    We’re here to help you unlock debt management success by optimizing strategy to identify and navigate an economy in transition, increasing customer expectations and shrinking budgets.

    Our experts will share how you can:
    · Better understand and meet the needs of your customers
    · Intervene earlier to prevent delinquency
    · Respond faster to dynamic business conditions
    · Reduce collections recovery losses and risk
    · Apply machine learning and artificial intelligence for debt management success

  • Webinar: Women in Business - An Experian credit study
    Video Uploaded Date: Jun 21, 2019

    Experian Commercial Data Sciences analyzed 3.1 million commercial entities from June 2016 to June 2018. We focused our research on approximately 2.8 million of those entities with either a male-owned or a female-owned designation. In this talk, Analytics Consultant, Andrew Moore, presents the results of our research.

  • Webinar: Q1 2019 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Webinar Published Date: Jun 12, 2019

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q1 2019.

  • Q1 2019 Consumer Credit Trends Report
    Video Uploaded Date: Jun 3, 2019

    Consumer credit trends are always evolving.We’re here to keep you well-informed with the latest updates.

    Join our experts live on May 30 as they reveal Q1 2019 market intelligence data.

    Key areas of focus include:

    • 2019 economic drivers
    • Q1 2019 origination and delinquency trends
      • Mortgage
      • Home equity
      • Bankcard
      • Auto
  • Credential Stuffing is the Latest Emerging Threat

    Account takeover attacks are a serious threat. And with 81% of consumers using the same credentials across multiple online accounts, fraudsters can easily gain access to your organization.

    Passwords and cookie-based device recognition are not enough. Join experts from Aite Group and Experian as they discuss this burning issue and how to get ahead of and stop "credential stuffing."

    In this webinar, we uncover:

    · The latest outbreak of breach-fueled dump of 2.2 billion credentials
    · What is credential stuffing? Who is impacted? Why it matters?
    · Insights on device intelligence and fraud prevention strategies

  • Webinar | Fighting identity fraud in a dark web world
    Webinar Published Date: Jan 9, 2019

    The pace of data breaches continues to rise.

    With the prevalence of personally identifiable information (PII) available from fraudsters, identity management methods have had to evolve. It has been noted that an individual’s identity is available on the dark web for roughly $1,200.

    Several key methods have proven effective in using advanced analytics in fighting identity fraud horizontally across industries and across fraud attack vectors. Pension account take-over, ID fraud in property claims and entitlement ID theft in the public sector have just begun to receive the focus found in the financial services industry.

    Experian’s Solution Consultants will discuss industry trends, the impact of the dark web, and strategies to prevent account take-over and help reduce exposure to identity related schemes like impersonation or synthetic identity.

  • Webinar: Q3 2018 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Webinar Published Date: Dec 11, 2018

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q3 2018.

  • Webinar: Q2 2018 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Webinar Published Date: Sep 11, 2018

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q2 2018.

  • Webinar: The Future of Identity
    Video Uploaded Date: Jul 25, 2018

    David Britton, VP of Industrial Solutions gives a talk about fraud trends and the future of identity, and how Experian helps clients mitigate fraud.

  • Webinar: Q1 2018 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Video Uploaded Date: Jun 14, 2018

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q1 2018.

  • This on-demand webinar will help you tackle some of the lingering uncertainties around the FinCEN Final Rule.

  • Webinar: Q4 2017 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Video Uploaded Date: Mar 26, 2018

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q4 2017.

  • Is your agency considering a data modernization in 2018?

    Join Experian and Rhode Island DMV on March 29th 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET.

    We will discuss why modernizations are important in the public sector, common obstacles, and how we worked together to overcome challenges and drive success for RI DMV’s data conversion project in under 6 months. We'll also take you beyond the modernization, and shed some light on how RI is supporting data management proactively.

  • Webinar: Q3 2017 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Webinar Published Date: Dec 13, 2017

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q3 2017.

  • The risk of synthetic identity fraud is growing at an alarming rate. Associated losses with this this type of fraud are estimated to be in the billions, and increasing exponentially. But it can be stopped — we'll to tell you how.

    Experian and guest presenter from Aite Research, dive into how businesses and customers are being affected, look at how a synthetic identities are created and best practices to mitigate the risk.

    Watch the webinar on demand, here. Download the slides, click below.

    Experian is committed to helping you mitigate synthetic identity fraud. Learn more about our capabilities here.
  • Webinar: Q2 2017 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Video Uploaded Date: Sep 15, 2017

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q2 2017.

  • Small businesses have varying credit needs which evolve as the business matures from inception to maturity. Experian sought to understand what kinds of credit these businesses needed at different stages of the business lifecycle and how lenders could best serve small business by offering right sized capital at the optimal time. The analysis involved a study of trade credit profiles for one million businesses between 2010 and 2016 and the results are surprising and compelling.

    By watching this webinar you will learn:

    • The types of loans businesses secure change as they evolve and mature;
    • As businesses grow, they establish more trade credit and rely less on financial loans
    • Each industry showed unique pattern of loan opening behavior
  • Webinar: Q1 2017 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Video Uploaded Date: Jun 14, 2017

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q1 2017.

  • With the recent switch to EMV and more than 4.2 billion records being exposed by data breaches last year, attackers are migrating their fraud attempts to the card-not-present channel.

    Join Experian and our guest presenter Julie Conroy from Aite Research Group to learn how businesses and customers are being affected by e-commerce fraud. Gain valuable insight and deeper understanding into:

    • Where fraud attacks are increasing across the U.S. and fraud trends from 2016
    • How attackers are exploiting EMV and the challenges it may be creating
    • What are the most common instances of e-commerce fraud and how it happens Strategies to react to the ever-changing fraud landscape
  • Webinar: Are Millennials Mortgage-Ready?
    Webinar Published Date: Apr 7, 2017

    Millennials, now the largest living generation, are coming of age and entering those big life moments. College graduations, first jobs, getting married and moving out. But what about home ownership? Do Millennials want to buy real estate? Can they?

    In this 45-minute webinar, experts from Experian and Freddie Mac team up to reveal the latest insights into home ownership, specifically in relationship to Millennials.

    Learn more about:

    • Which Millennials are potentially “ready” to buy a home and what they look like in terms of credit?
    • What Millennials can afford and where?
    • Where lenders should target their efforts to meet the needs of this population?

  • Election season will soon be over, and for the first time in eight years we will have a new administration in the White House. So what’s in store for the financial services space? Hear from experts in Washington on what you can expect from regulators over the next year.

    Experian’s Government Affairs team will take a deep dive into the dynamic regulatory environment for consumer credit, touching on topics like:

    • Developments in the CFPB’s Arbitration, Payday and Collection rules
    • What types of regulatory reform the new Congress and Administration could consider
    • The regulatory horizon for the emerging Online Marketplace Lending segment
  • Webinar: 5 Steps to Boost Your Accuracy in Data Reporting
    Webinar Published Date: Apr 7, 2017

    Data furnishers are facing ever-increasing regulations when it comes to reporting consumer credit histories to the credit bureaus. In fact, according to a recent Experian Data Quality study, 90% of financial institutions believe increasing regulation has driven their need for better data analytics and management.

    In our webinar, Experian experts will outline 5 steps you can take to boost your accuracy in data reporting.

    In this one-hour session, we will discuss:

    • Reporting challenges that data furnishers are facing today
    • Tips for streamlining your data reporting processes
    • An introduction to the Metro 2® reporting standard
    • A sneak peek of DataArc 360™ in action

  • Stay relevant. That is the challenge for credit unions today. With the regulatory and competitive landscape ever-evolving, the demand of members for an immediate response, and lean resources to somehow do it all, credit unions need smart solutions and proven strategies to drive growth.
    In this 60-minute webinar, you will gain key insights from credit union experts on:

    • Strategies and solutions to win the loan game with faster decisioning and underwriting capabilities
    • How leveraging an auto-decisioning platform can ultimately lead to cross-sell opportunities and the better use of your staff’s time
    • Real-life success stories from other credit unions surrounding loan growth best practices
  • In this 60-minute webinar, learn more about the personal loan landscape and discover tools to develop an effective personal loan strategy that can fuel growth in any environment.

    • Understand the latest in personal loan trends and how the emergence of financial technology companies has fueled double-digit annual growth.
    • Learn the three pillars of personal loan marketing. We’ll reveal why you need to think beyond response rate and consider risk and retention from the start.
    • Discover the analytics methodology behind Experian’s Credit3D, which can help influence and inform your personal loan marketing and management strategies.
  • Webinar: Revolutionizing Lending in Today's Digital World
    Webinar Published Date: Mar 31, 2017

    In this 60-minute webinar, hear from industry experts about how lenders can now bring financial data aggregation into the mainstream. With a simple interface, lenders can verify income and assets in minutes vs. days, leading to reduced processing times, improved revenue streams and higher customer satisfaction.

    For more information, check out our FAQ.

  • Webinar: Q4 2016 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Webinar Published Date: Mar 14, 2017

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q4 2016.

  • Q3 2016 Quarterly Business Credit Review Webinar
    Webinar Published Date: Dec 15, 2016

    Experian and Moody's Analytics experts present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q3 2016.

  • When businesses face a financial burden, they will prioritize which creditors are essential and which are not. In this webinar, we share research which will help you determine if there is a consistent overall prioritization by industry.

  • Quarterly Business Credit Review Q2 2016
    Video Uploaded Date: Sep 13, 2016

    Experian and economists from Moody's Analytics present a macro-economic review of small business credit health based on Q2 2016 data. Though this webinar you will gain insights on Brexit impact on U.S. small business, thriving construction trends, rising bankruptcy trends in West Virginia and the outlook for the coming quarter.

  • Why marketers should fight email fraud
    Document Published Date: Jul 29, 2016

    Email is one of the most effective channels for driving leads and revenue. But phishing attacks have the power to bring even the most sophisticated email marketing program to its knees, destroying brand trust, customer loyalty and marketing effectiveness.

    Marketers own the email channel. They have a responsibility to help protect it, yet it is hard to know how to collaborate with security.

    That is why we're sharing tips for how to build this relationship in our webinar.

    View now to learn:

    • What email fraud is
    • Why marketers should care
    • Best practices for collaborating with security to help fight back
  • Webinar: Q1 2016 Quarterly Business Credit Review
    Video Uploaded Date: Jun 30, 2016

    Experian and Moody's Analytics present insights from the most recent Experian/Moody's Analytics Main Street Report for Q1 2016.

  • As marketers, we often find ourselves latching to fragmented pieces of our customer’s journey – an open here, a purchase there, a tweet there. Without a way to combine those touch points into a single and complete view of the customer’s identity, though, marketers can’t begin to craft truly seamless and contextual experiences. Understanding behavior, motivation and needs down to the individual is core to the success of any cross-channel marketing strategy, and it relies on that full picture of identity, the customer’s “DNA.”

    View this webcast to learn:

    • Why a single customer view is critical for brand relationships
    • The steps to building a single customer view
    • How our clients are using full customer identity to inform their programs across channels
  • Watch this Experian Marketing Services webcast for an in-depth look into email testing strategies for your own marketing team. While competitive insights and benchmarks are invaluable resources, your customers have a unique set of needs. Learn why testing is important for your own email benchmark.

  • Experian Business Information Services recently concluded a data study to explore how minority-owned small businesses are faring in today’s economy. The analysis highlights credit characteristics, industry preferences and demographic attributes of business owners.

    Key topics include:

    • Our methodology
    • Demographic concentrations
    • Most popular business types
    • Credit behaviors and trends
  • In this webinar Peter Bolin, Director of Consulting & Analytics for Experian shares the results of his research, revealing the statistical differences between small business owners in each of the major political parties. We explore the kinds of industries jobs are being created, also how small business owner credit scores compare as we gear up for the coming election season.

    Webinar topics:

    • Study methodology
    • Business & Consumer Scores – how they compare
    • Delinquency trends
    • Score trends
    • Key demographics and firmographics
    • Swing state comparisons
    • What it means for political campaigns
  • Webinar: Getting Better B2B Marketing Insights
    Webinar Published Date: Dec 9, 2015

    Companies are collecting more data than ever before on prospects and customers alike, but are having trouble making the most of that data. Information is often bad or incomplete, making it difficult to answer common questions like - How many customers do I actually have? Which ones should I upsell to? What channels should I be using for acquisition? What’s the real opportunity out there? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn best practices for driving the most value from your business marketing data, and gain insights to maximize results.

  • In this webinar, Experian provided a 360-degree industry view of the fast-growing Online Marketplace Lending industry. Our experts help explain go-to-market strategies, self-regulation vs. government regulation and why this fintech-driven segment of financial services is attracting so much attention from investors, banks and the small businesses they lend to.


    Gavin Harding, Sr. Consultant, Experian

    Tony Hadley, SVP Government and Regulatory Affairs, Experian

    Peter Renton, Founder, Lend Academy

  • Webinar: Chipping away at EMV myths
    Document Published Date: Oct 30, 2015

    As a growing number of businesses and consumers across the U.S. are learning and adjusting to new EMV credit cards, many still question the impact EMV will have on protecting consumers and businesses from increasingly savvy and sophisticated criminal fraud rings. Join Experian and our panel of experts as we look at how businesses are faring one month into the EMV liability shift.

  • Watch the recorded version of our Q2 recap of the Experian-Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence Report, including a key focus on the current U.S. real estate market.

  • With 2014 holiday sales in the United States topping $616 billion, many merchants may find it necessary to make adjustments to their fraud-prevention rules to accommodate this increased volume. Our data shows that using this information in more insightful ways helps our merchant apply the right fraud-prevention strategies at the right time.

  • Webinar: An Inside Look Into e-OSCAR
    Webinar Published Date: May 20, 2015

    View this on-demand webinar to get an inside look into e-OSCAR®. Hear from Pat Henderson from Experian's National Credit Assistance Center (NCAC) who leads a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable agents in the NCAC who are dedicated to assist consumers with disputes and fraud assistance.

  • The Positive Impact of Utility Credit Reporting Webinar
    Webinar Published Date: Apr 24, 2015

    View this on-demand webinar to learn the importance and positive impact of utility data reporting. Experian® will share what alternative data encompasses and how the new trade data is added. We'll also walk you through the resources and support available.

  • View this on-demand webinar featuring industry-leading experts Tony Hadley and Carmen Hearn from Experian® and learn how reporting quality account data benefits you and your customers and satisfies your regulatory obligations.

  • Webinar: Discover the power of data quality
    Webinar Published Date: Jan 21, 2015

    View this on-demand webinar to get an inside view on how Experian partnerships can improve data accuracy. Hear about the benefits and power of data quality. Learn how to implement focused data integrity strategies to overcome today¿s credit challenges, improve operational risk, adhere to regulations and empower and assure your consumers.

  • Watch an overview of consumer credit trends from the Q3 2014 Experian-Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence Report. Areas of focus include understanding consumer behaviors and trends that impact consumer credit decisions.

  • Experian, Moody's Analytics and special guest Brian Moran team up to review key findings from the latest Experian/Moody's Small Business Credit Index Q3 2014 report. Learn more about what the small business credit trends could mean for you and your business heading into the holiday shopping season.
  • View a detailed overview of consumer credit trends from the Q2 2014 Experian¿Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence Report. We take an in-depth look at the real estate market, including whether the recent slowdown is a legitimate concern or simply a bump in the road to recovery.

  • Cybercriminals have become more proficient at stealing data and account credentials. Criminals have learned that they can achieve bigger monetary gains over longer periods of time through undetected access and maintaining a persistent, long-term presence in critical business environments. Our panel of experts will help you learn how to navigate complex and evolving cyber risks without sacrificing the customer experience or increasing security vulnerabilities.

  • View a detailed overview of key changes in the consumer lending environment. Topics include: consumer behaviors in the context of economic trends from real estate, banking and automotive as well as trends that impact consumer credit decisions in real estate, banking and automotive.

  • Trended Data for Precision Targeting and Decisioning
    Webinar Published Date: Mar 20, 2014

    Understanding how consumers have utilized and managed their credit will allow you to create an efficient investment strategy that targets low risk, highly profitable populations.

  • Get a recap of consumer credit trends from the Q4 2014 Experian-Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence Report, including a year-end review, understanding consumer behaviors and trends impacting consumer credit decisions.

  • The Underbanked Consumer
    Webinar Published Date: Mar 26, 2013
    Is your organization serving the nearly 25 percent of the population that has little to no credit history? View this on-demand webinar and learn how targeting these under-served consumers can drive profitability. Hear from industry-leading experts regarding the testing of new data types and new analytics strategies as well as ways financial institutions are confidently and accurately assessing the credit worthiness of the almost 64 million consumers real people from diverse backgrounds who are considered un-scorable by standard credit models.
  • Today, more than ever, healthcare companies are at risk for the potential loss of medical records for reasons that vary from employee negligence to the ill-intent of a hacker who stands to gain a premium for medical information on the black market. So how will your organization conquer the hurdles and consequences of a data breach especially in the most important first 24 hours?
  • Redefine Your Credit Marketing Growth Strategies
    Video Uploaded Date: Jun 13, 2012

    Identify the Best Near-Prime Prospects

    Are you excluding significant revenue by missing out on profitable segments within the broader consumer spectrum? As lenders aggressively seek to grow their portfolios, inclusion of specific micro-segmentation tools and risk models make it possible to identify highly responsive, low-risk prospects.

    Watch the webinar now to hear analyses and the resulting strategy to target more effectively across a broader credit spectrum of consumers while mitigating risk. You will learn how to identify the most credit-worthy, near-prime prospects.

  • HealthcareInfoSecurity conducted the Healthcare Information Security Today survey to provide an in-depth assessment of the effectiveness of data protection efforts.
  • Understanding a consumer's past behavior s crucial to developing a strategy for the future.

    The value of trended data is that it allows you to get the full picture of your customers: both short-term changes — the past one, two and three months — and an extended view up to 24 months prior. How can trended data offer deeper behavioral transparency and aid in targeting, underwriting and retention decisions?

    View this on-demand Webinar and find out how trended data can be used to:

    • Differentiate among customers with the same risk profile
    • Identify actions other lenders have taken that impact your customers
    • Separate customer past behavior and payment stress, targeting better offers and services
    • Calculate revenue potential and your wallet share

    Learn how you can add depth to a credit report and give your customers credit for their history. Watch now.

  • Holistic Debt Management Webinar
    Webinar Published Date: Nov 15, 2011

    Learn how large utility and energy companies are lowering operating costs, reducing risk and increasing liquidation and recovery rates.

  • Understanding Changes in Credit Supply and Demand
    Document Published Date: Jun 19, 2011

    The U.S. economy has experienced a record drop in consumer borrowing. Experian tracked a sample of credit-active consumers to show consumer deleveraging has occurred & demand for credit has declined.

  • Learn about the findings from the Second Annual Survey on Medical Identity Theft and how it affects American consumers.
  • State Legislation Effects on Data Breach Resolution
    Webinar Published Date: Apr 11, 2011
    This webinar discusses State data breach bills being considered in 2011, data breach incident response, and trends in data security legislation and regulation.
  • Personal Health Information at Risk: Issues and Answers
    Webinar Published Date: Apr 7, 2011
    This webinar discusses consumers' privacy expectations, best practices for protecting data in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH, and what steps to take in the event of a data breach.
  • How Policy Will Shape Data Privacy in 2011
    Webinar Published Date: Jan 1, 2011
    This webinar offer a brief overview of the changing landscape in data privacy and a look at how policymakers view the regulatory environment.
  • Breaches are about more than identity fraud. They are about placing brand equity and customer loyalty at serious risk.
  • A 360 View of a Data Breach
    Webinar Published Date: Dec 7, 2010
    Find out what to do when there is a data breach, from investigation to notification.
  • Credit Trend Highlights from Q3 2010
    Webinar Published Date: Dec 1, 2010

    Refreshed on a quarterly basis, Experian and Oliver Wyman are supplying the industry with previously unavailable credit and loan performance trends. (60 min each)

  • Gain insight on effectively using new communication channels and successfully managing interactions. (60 min)

  • How to Conduct a HITECH Risk Assessment
    Webinar Published Date: Sep 23, 2010
    View this webinar to learn new insights into what you can do to proactively address HITECH compliance.
  • Learn how to minimize time and resources required to guarantee ongoing regulatory compliance, determine which consumers should receive a Risk-Based Pricing Notice, improve customer retention efforts via dedicated dispute resolution and consumer education services, and learn how Experian products can help you comply with the Risk-Based Pricing Rule.

  • This webinar discusses do's and don'ts about how to react in the face of sudden data loss and gain key insights into developing a proactive data breach preparedness plan.
  • Unique Insights on Consumer Credit Trends
    Webinar Published Date: Jun 3, 2010

    Refreshed on a quarterly basis, Experian and Oliver Wyman are supplying the industry with previously unavailable credit and loan performance trends. (60 min each)