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  • Our expert panel discusses consumer behavior insights and a formula you can use to increase long-term loyalty and lifetime value.

  • Understanding Business Credit and Access to Capital
    Video Uploaded Date: Oct 22, 2020

    Learn how to build a strong credit profile for your business so you can gain access to capital

    BBVA and Experian have teamed up to bring you a very special educational webinar on the power of building and maintaining business credit. Also, learn how to obtain the capital you need to start and grow your business.

    Key topics include:

    • Why business credit is important
    • Understanding credit reporting & primary factors which affect your score
    • Building a strong business credit profile
    • The "5 C's" of Credit
    • Access to Capital to Grow Your Business
  • Mobile banking: Enhancing your customer experience
    Document Published Date: Jul 2, 2019

    There is growing digital demand for today’s tech-savvy consumers. More consumers, particularly millennials, own smartphones than ever before and they’re actively using them to access mobile banking apps and services. To stay ahead, banks need to meet basic expectations and start using the unique features of the mobile platform to acquire new customers and deepen wallet share.

    Download the perspective to learn more.

  • Empowered consumers know that their credit health is more than just a score. Providing access to a consumer's credit score is a great first step. But an even greater opportunity for consumer engagement lies in the ability to provide access to the core factors affecting their credit. Help them learn what that score means with credible, detailed, rich educational content to help them make better financial decisions.

  • Q1 2019 Consumer Credit Trends Report
    Video Uploaded Date: Jun 3, 2019

    Consumer credit trends are always evolving.We’re here to keep you well-informed with the latest updates.

    Join our experts live on May 30 as they reveal Q1 2019 market intelligence data.

    Key areas of focus include:

    • 2019 economic drivers
    • Q1 2019 origination and delinquency trends
      • Mortgage
      • Home equity
      • Bankcard
      • Auto
  • Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) continue to be a popular lending product. While much emphasis is placed on origination, it is critical for banks and credit unions to additionally manage this product throughout the consumer lifecycle. Access this one-page checklist to discover six best practices for lenders to consider as they manage and optimize their HELOC portfolios.

  • As the economy gains strength, lenders are engaging in an increasingly fierce competition to entice the best candidates to their portfolios and to grow their lending business.

  • State of the U.S. Credit Markets
    Document Published Date: Apr 3, 2012

    The economy’s recovery from the Great Recession may have started slowly, but it is accelerating – and it’s genuine. Economic indicators tell the story of improving business prospects. For credit issuers, the message is real, too. Now’s the time to look with fresh eyes at your post recession lending strategies. It’s time to rethink your approach to growth in this market and reassess the profile of the consumer prospect in relation to profitability and market share gains.

  • Expand Your Marketable Universe
    Document Published Date: Feb 27, 2012

    Credit marketing experts who evaluate the right data assets to supplement targeting efforts will emerge quickly over the next 18 months as leaders in portfolio growth. The key is getting the right product to the right consumer at the most appropriate time.

  • By implementing an auto prescreen campaign, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union exceeded its return on investment goal by nearly 200 percent and increased its one-year campaign net profit by 60 percent.

  • An in-depth look at small-business performance in challenging market conditions.