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  • It is during times like these where portfolio management becomes a key area of focus. In this webinar, experts from Experian and the Credit Research Foundation (CRF) team up to enable you with a strategic framework for quick action.

  • Email marketing checklist
    Infographics Uploaded Date: Dec 12, 2019

    Have you ever sent an email to clients only to get no response? If you’re not effectively using email marketing to connect and build relationships with your consumers, you’re missing out on a powerful opportunity. Leverage our email marketing checklist to dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s,” ensuring higher-performing email campaigns and improved sales numbers.

  • Case Study: OppLoans and Delinquent Loan Portolio Strategies
    Document Published Date: Oct 17, 2019

    Chicago-based online consumer-finance platform and service provider, OppsLoans, saw a 134% return on investment after leveraging Experian’s Tax Season Payment Indicator to identify past-due customers who paid down balances by at least 10% or made a payment of $500 or more during tax season.

    Discover how Experian helped them achieve this by reading this case study.

  • Collections After Compliance
    Document Published Date: Aug 1, 2019

    The collections industry has undergone major transformations over the past decade.

    In 2010, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank), producing the most reform to financial regulation since the Great Depression and authorizing the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a regulatory agency charged with overseeing financial products and services offered to consumers.

    The collections landscape has since continued to evolve, with consumers beginning to make a dramatic shift in how they interact with their financial service providers, moving away from phone and mail, and communicating online instead. Debt collection departments and agencies, large and small, have adopted new technologies to ensure that they comply with consumer demands and changing regulations. But challenges remain in the fast-moving regulatory landscape.

  • Introducing PowerCurve Collections
    Video Uploaded Date: Aug 1, 2017

    PowerCurve Collections

    Now there’s a way to unlock the power of data and analytics for a process that is individualized, efficient and fair. With PowerCurve Collections, you can build a collections process that puts customer needs at the center of your strategies. Identify the appropriate action, at the right time in a way that is convenient for customers. The result? A cost-effective and compliant process focused on retaining valuable customers.

    Make confident decisions in a complex world. To learn more, click here.

  • Utilizing Experian's Collection Triggers product, First Financial Asset Management collected $3.5 million- ? a return of $72 for every $1 spent on trigger data within two years. The company simultaneously improved its operational costs associated with the collection of these and similar customer accounts.

  • Bay Area Credit Service LLC conducted a three-month trial program that proved Experian delivers superior account management, programming capabilities and account scoring and high-quality data, resulting in dramatic performance improvements and enhanced profitability.