Premier Attributes provides lenders with the most comprehensive set of tri-bureau-leveled attributes containing over 1,700 credit attributes across 48 different industries. These attributes summarize the essential data on a credit report to help you better understand a consumer’s full credit behavior for improved lending decisions. Now you can confidently outsource your credit attribute development and management functions, helping to increase profitability and reduce the time and resources needed for credit attribute management.

Industry and account-level attributes are designed to help you pinpoint specific consumer behavior more easily. Use our attributes in your policy rule definitions or as overlays to scores for enhanced segmentation opportunities across the Customer Life Cycle.



Essential credit data is summarized and updated regularly



Enable fast model development across bureaus



New attributes developed as data becomes available

Premier Attributes can help you:


  • Drive more informed decisions across prospecting, account acquisitions, customer management strategies, and collections initiatives and priorities
  • Save time and resources by leveraging pre-defined attributes that cover a variety of industries and analytical use cases
  • Make consistent and informed decisions across credit bureaus
  • Development, management, and documentation of attributes meets regulatory compliance guidelines, giving your business peace of mind
  • Confidently and quickly develop models in-house, or with the help of trusted Experian advisors


Product features

Tri-bureau-leveled attributes allow for only requiring one model on a set of attributes to achieve consistent decisioning

On-going monitoring and maintenance, as well as research and development to plan for economic and regulatory data changes

Gain access to 1,700 attributes across 48 industries, and the ability to request custom attributes


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