Consumers are demanding faster, more agile mobile transactions and you need to be sure you are executing identity verification and fraud detection to protect your business from risk.

Experian’s Multifactor Authentication, or one-time-password (OTP) solution is a two-factor authentication service that you can add to your current authentication process without causing customer friction. With this additional layer of identity verification, you can increase your pass rates, implement phone intelligence checks to ensure you are reaching the right consumer for authentication, and add security to risky or high value transactions.


Operational efficiency

73 percent of US adults use text messaging


Regulatory compliance

Provides a second tier of authentication



Custom or random One-Time Password (OTP) generation

Multifactor authentication can help you

  • A layered multifactored approach provides a high level of identity confidence while still reducing friction
  • Phone intelligence checks increase confidence that message is reaching the right consumer
  • Add additional security measures to high value or high risk transactions
  • Enhance your current authentication processes and increase pass rates
  • If your OTP transaction is not successful, you may have the option to automatically default to additional authentication methods like knowledge-based authentication

How it works



Product features

Experian will create a unique OTP for each consumer transaction –or client can chose to provide Experian with a custom OTP they want delivered

Verify that the phone number provided by the consumer can be linked to that consumer. We also validate other phone attributes, such as porting, forwarding, account tenure and contract type

OTP can be sent via SMS or Voice Message. Voice message options include: advanced voice routing and repeat playback of verification code

Client can choose to have Experian generate unique One-Time Password (OTP) for each transaction or pass along client created OTP for use

If OTP fails or cannot be attempted, allows for automatic default to other authentication services for further authentication


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