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Knowledge-based authentication and scoring.

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We know that you are faced with the difficult challenge of minimizing fraud risk while reducing manual processes and providing your customers with a fast and easy experience. With Knowledge IQ you can quickly authenticate customer identities with questions that are generated from a wide dataset of personal information and used in combination with an identity-based risk score. By leveraging these questions in your authentication process you can reduce the need to perform further investigation on false positives and make confident decisions faster.


Diminish the need to manually authenticate customers


Adjust as your business needs evolve


Meet regulatory compliance requirements

Knowledge IQ can help you:

  • Increase customer retention through streamlined authentication processes
  • Improve call center efficiencies and reduce time manually spent reviewing customer identities and false positives
  • Provide your agents with the flexibility to control the customer authentication process
  • Satisfy Patriot Act, Customer Identification Program, and Know Your Customer requirements
  • Stop evolving identity fraud schemes with a multi-layered fraud prevention strategy
  • Credit and non-credit based questions to gain an accurate and complete view of your customers

Product features

  • Credit and non-credit based questions to provide your customers with questions only they can answer
  • Flexibility to use your own data to create questions specific to your business and customer base
  • Custom question text is available to present questions in a way that best meets your business needs
  • Multifaceted authentication that incorporates a risk-based score and device intelligence
  • Champion/challenger strategy allows you to test configuration changes and optimize your questions
  • Experian team of data scientists provide best-in-class analytics to optimize your configuration

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