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Once you’ve established a customer relationship, you want to make sure their future login experiences are secure yet frictionless and intuitive. Experian brings together innovative identity authentication and fraud detection on a single platform. We can help you detect malicious activity on consumer and corporate accounts. We’re also constantly on the lookout for fraud staging and fraud rings. Yet even with all this protection in place, your true customers will always enjoy a hassle-free experience when they interact with you.

Developing and refining your customer login processes without impacting the customer experience is a balancing act. Experian understands that balance and applies our expertise and best practices to help you achieve both.

What do your customers want?

  • To be recoginzed when they do business with you
  • A hassle-free, streamlined experience
  • Access to the things they are entitled to
  • Transactions without disruption
  • Opportunities to correct errors and recover from honest mistakes

What does your business need to do?

  • Verify identities and detect fraud
  • Reduce intrusive security checks
  • Detect fraud staging before any fraud has even taken place
  • Stop fraudulent account access using compromised credentials
  • Spot unusual behavior

Case Study - Authentication

Who is the Client?

A national top-five U.S. financial institution.

Business Challenge

The client needed to simplify its verification system. 25% of customers required manual verification and delays due to this process caused the loss of significant numbers of customers.

Our Solution

Experian’s Global Consulting Practice recommended the Precise ID platform. The intelligent automation made processing more efficient so the client could better identify false positives.


  • 40% reduction in manual verification of identity discrepancies
  • The number of booked accounts increased by 2-3% of the portfolio
  • Improved audit trail satisfied regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined, consistent authentication system enhanced efficiency

How it’s done

Experian enables you to add intelligence and insight to the authentication process.

Sophisticated risk analysis helps you ensure that you authenticate customers in a way that aligns with their risk — while lower-risk customers interact without disruption.

We can automatically increase authentication when there are signs of suspicious activity, before users enter your system.

Together, Experian technology, data, and experience deliver the advantage, trust, and security you need to successfully grow your business.

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