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Custom Modeling

Drive profitability with advanced custom models

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Growing your portfolio while minimizing risk and staying on top of the latest economic conditions is challenging, especially if you don’t have the right analytics expertise. Implementing an expertly designed custom model into your strategies enables you to make more profitable decisions, but where do you begin? By combining our vast data assets, analytics, decades of modeling expertise, and your data, we develop models that give you the edge you need.

We work with you on everything from model design to implementation, always ensuring that we are helping you meet your unique business goals. Our analytics team utilizes the latest modeling methodologies, machine learning capabilities, and our industry-leading set of credit attributes, Premier AttributesSM, to develop the most predictive model possible.

Meeting your business goals

Transparency and documentation

Industry-leading credit attributes

A custom model can help your business:

  • Improve predictive performance and reduce risk.
  • Approve more good customers and segment out high-risk customers.
  • Uncover profitable opportunities in your target markets.
  • Design successful cross-sell and up-sell strategies to drive portfolio growth.
  • Prioritize your collections portfolio based on those most likely to repay.
  • Address regulatory requirements with comprehensive documentation.

Our approach to model development

  • Leverage our multiple data assets and combine them with your data to ensure a robust model development sample
  • Collaborate on everything from model design to implementation to ensure everything developed meets your goals
  • Identify optimal segments from a statistical and business approach using our advanced segmentation methodology
  • Validate model and compare to other scores to make sure it accounts for the current and future consumer population
  • Provide extensive documentation and model governance support, as well as implementation and audit support
  • Apply machine learning to optimize predictive model performance and meet changing business goals

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