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Increase Your Right Party Contact Rates

Identifying and maintaining current addresses and phone numbers for your accounts is critical to your debt recovery efforts. Experian’s TrueTraceSM provides you with accurate data from unique sources to help you locate consumers, identify the right party contact and improve your hit rates.

A Powerful Combination of Unique, Accurate Data

TrueTrace is Experian’s most powerful locating product, combining skip tracing data and consumer credit data, as well as alternative and exclusive data sources. With this unique combination of information, TrueTrace is a resource to help you locate past-due consumers more quickly and easily.

In addition to our core consumer credit database of more than 220 million consumers and 140 million households, TrueTrace provides access to 100 million wireless phone numbers and additional contact data for thin-file and under banked consumers.

TrueTrace Helps Boost Your Bottom Line With

  • Unique data sources
  • Higher-quality data
  • Increased hit rates
  • Accurate, up-to-date contact data
  • Seamless linkage with FirstSweepSM, allowing you to filter out accounts that require special treatment

Flexible File Formatting Options

TrueTrace can be accessed in a batch format through a secure file transfer method, and standard input and output files are available. Additionally, it allows for flexible file formatting, depending on your mapping and file type needs.

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