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Providing accurate and current consumer credit data to Experian is more than checking a box. It’s the first step to reducing your regulatory exposure and increasing customer satisfaction.

We can assist you in achieving your accuracy goals with Experian Data Integrity Services℠, a comprehensive set of tools that assess the accuracy of the consumer credit data you are providing. Through the use of complete reporting tools and analysis we help our data providers meet Metro 2® reporting requirements to furnish accurate data to the credit bureaus. 

Our robust services provide insight and analysis of Metro 2® submissions, consumer tradeline data, detail on disputes and peer benchmarking. This enables your business to minimize regulatory risk and exposure by receiving quality reporting metrics, implement sound policies and procedures, and establish an on-going monitoring mechanism to continually evaluate the quality of your data.

The Experian products and services described below offer a comprehensive methodology for assessing data quality, providing a 360-degree view of your data. Our services include:

DataArc Packages

Select from the robust packages based on your preferred level of insight.

DataArc 360™ powered by Experian Pandora
  • Assess and correct your Metro 2®  file prior to submitting to the credit bureaus. DataArc 360 is bureau agnostic and can be used when sending data files to all Credit Reporting Agencies.
  • Analyze and uncover data issues, find the root cause of inaccuracies, perform ad hoc investigations, monitor quality over time, and prioritize and justify actions.
  • Beyond just a visual representation of data, DataArc 360 can help with data preparation, perform instantaneous data browsing, filtering and relationship discovery.

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  • Analysis of one month of Metro 2® submissions, failures and dispute metrics
  • 12 months of trended dispute detail including dispute rates, response rates, disputes reasons and action taken
  • Industry benchmarking
DataArc Plus/Custom™
  • Analysis of three months of Metro 2® submissions
  • Peer benchmarking metrics to compare data quality and disputes to a selected group of your peers
  • 12 months of dispute detail including dispute account number and reference number
  • Data delivered in a dashboard tool and allows users to interact with and filter data
  • Our consultants can assist with data mapping, evaluating root cause analysis, writing policies and procedures, and recommending best practices
DataArc Complete™
  • Receive tradeline data to validate the accuracy of the information as displayed on consumers' credit reports
  • Our data experts and Experian Advisory Services can help you interpret the data, evaluate root cause and recommend best practices
  • Complete your data quality analysis with a 360° view of reported consumer credit data
Metric Report™

Identifies and provides instruction for correcting fatal errors encountered during Metro 2 submissions through a recurring, low-cost report - a necessity for all consumer data furnishers. The report includes:

  • Summary and distribution of reported Metro 2® metrics (such as status codes, account types, ECOA codes, and more)
  • Automated report that can be delivered after every update (monthly, weekly, or daily)
  • Fatal error percentage
  • Enhanced fatal error definitions
  • Fatal error examples
  • All fatal error account numbers

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